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This Russian Library Just Hired a Stray Cat as Its Assistant Librarian

He's required to wear a bow tie, and gets paid in food.

A children’s library in the Russian city Novorossiysk just brought in a new employee: a cat by the name of "Kuzma."

According to a news broadcast on Russia's Channel 1, the library staff found Kuzma on the library's front steps. They tried to find him a home but couldn't ... so they gave him a new name and the cushy title of "assistant librarian."

Kuzma's job description? Entertaining children, participating in theatrical performances, and greeting visitors on the steps of the library. His salary and benefits? Thirty packets of food a month plus bonus in the form of additional treats and scratches behind the ears. Not a bad deal in this fragile industry.

Here is the original clip, in Russian.

Special thanks to Jenny Holm for translating the clip.

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