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The very public mourning of another lost season. 

No matter where you're from or who you root for, the news about Derrick Rose is a bitter pill. On Friday night the Chicago Bulls point guard tore the meniscus in his right knee. After Rose underwent reparative surgery Monday morning, the Bulls announced he'll sit out the remainder of the 2013-2014 season. Leaving four weeks into the season would be rough for any player. But leaving four weeks into the season after sitting out the entire previous season recovering from a different injury, knowing an entire city was counting on you for a playoff run? Most of us don't know that kind of pressure.

And unless your city has a basketball franchise as storied as the Bulls (and a legacy player who looms as large as Michael Jordan), then you don't know the pain Chicagoans are feeling today. "For Bulls fans," writes Chicago's Ricky O'Donnell, "this was tragedy to the point of comedy." Twitter has been drenched with bummed-outness. 

Of course, where there's sadness and frustration, there's also glee:

Even Cavaliers fans are expressing sympathy: 

The choices are laugh or cry. The repeater tax (read all about it here) will require the Bulls to dismantle the team in which Rose was the crown jewel. When—if—he gets back to gleaming, it's possible the rest of the crown will have been pawned off or traded. While there are obviously bigger concerns in Chicago right now, Rose deserves a better life story, one that sees him bringing glory to his hometown.

Top image: Derrick Rose. (Steve Dykes-USA Today Sports via Reuters)

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