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Update (11/27): After overwhelming complaints of the suitcase being an eyesore, a violation of building codes, and simply “tacky”, the department store responsible for the pavilion announced today that the suitcase will be dismantled immediately.

Moscow's Red Square is closely linked to defining moments in Russian history. It's been the site of military parades, public executions, and now: a massive Louis Vuitton suitcase.

People can go inside the the 30-foot by 100-foot structure and tour a collection of 25 historical Louis Vuitton items. The six-week L'Ame du Voyage (The Soul of Travel) exhibition opens December 2 to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Louis Vuitton's flagship location at Red Square’s GUM department store.

But criticism is already firing from every direction.

A lawmaker from the ruling United Russia Party says the "unreasonably gigantic" suitcase blocks views of historic sites like St. Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin tower. A Communist Party lawmaker says the installation undermines "state foundations" and mocks the Red Square, which is also home to the tomb of  former Communist leader Vladimir Lenin.

At Red Square, a Lenin impersonator told the Wall Street Journal, "What is the modern history of this square without the Communist Party? I understand that times have changed but that history should be respected. This doesn't sit well with me."

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