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Someone Stole An Entire Bronze Statue in Tucson

JFK's head was ripped off its granite base, "bolts and all."

It seems that Carmen Sandiego (or Bart Simpson) is alive and well in Tucson, Arizona: someone stole a life-size bronze bust of JFK from El Presidio Park this week.

The bust, which measures one foot and eight inches in height, was ripped off its granite base --"bolts and all" -- either Sunday night or Monday morning. The bust has been in the park for almost 50 years without getting stolen, so way to go, modern society. No word on how much the statue weighs, but I'm going to take a wild guess here and say "a lot." The determination of its captors is impressive. 

So far, there are no clues as to the identity of the thief. The park does have surveillance cameras but they don't actually record anything, which seems like a mistake.

Right now, city officials are just hoping thief "does the right thing" and returns JFK's head.

Top image: Before and after (Screenshot/

This post originally appeared on The Wire.

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