Prepare for your heart to melt, again.

Two months ago today, San Francisco seemingly stopped everything for a few hours to turn one little boy's Batman dream into reality. More than 7,000 volunteers came together for one of the most elaborate — and definitely the most viral — Make-A-Wish Foundation task of all time. They turned San Francisco into Gotham City, and let five-year-old leukemia survivor Miles Scott, (aka Batkid) save the day.

In case you'd forgotten just how heartwarming the Batkid's story was, Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area just released a ten-minute documentary.

Some of the cutest details? Crime fighting is hard. Miles was pretty tired by lunch time, and a little scared of dealing with the Penguin. Also, his gravelly, Christian Bale Batman voice (around 3:00) was intense.

(h/t SFist)

Top Image via Robert Galbraith/Reuters.

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