A labor of love.

In a decidedly modern take on romance, a man from San Francisco biked all over the city to spell out a marriage proposal for his girlfriend. 

Marriage proposal via bike route -- the diagonal line between the capital "M" and  capital "E" is a result of pausing and un-pausing Strava. (via Strava)

The intricately planned message took Murphy M. 80 minutes, a 1,371-foot gain in elevation, and 749 calories. These laborious units of love were all recorded on the route-tracking app Strava.

As creative and painstaking as this all is, there is at least one other person who's done the same. Steven H. of Raleigh, North Carolina, proposed to his girlfriend through a 2-hour ride on Christmas Eve.

Both ladies said "Yes."

(h/t Grist)

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Jenny Xie

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