The Forum

It’s 407 feet in diameter.

After $100 million in renovations, L.A.'s historic sports arena the Forum is finding new life as a first-rate entertainment venue. And to celebrate, a 407 feet wide vinyl record has been dropped on its roof.

The massive replica is of the iconic record Hotel California by the Eagles, who fittingly will kick things off at the Forum with six shows starting this Wednesday.

Designed and built by New York marketing and promotion company Pop2Life, the completed record took 15,000 LED lights, 5,000 nuts and bolts, a mile of aluminum truss, and of course, nearly 6 acres of printed vinyl. Although it won't make music, the label portion will spin at 17 mph.

For the best view, make a trip through LAX by the end of January.

Here’s a video detailing the construction process.

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