Intriguing new context for music lovers.

In February, Reddit user shystone masterfully remixed 18th century paintings of London with Google Street View.

Shystone, whose real name is Halley Docherty, is now "Google Street View specialist" at The Guardian. And today, he shared an incredible new series of visualizations that mash up famous album covers with their modern-day settings.

Check out a few works from the series below -- see the rest plus Docherty’s commentary at The Guardian.

Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin -- St. Mark's Place, East Village, New York City (via @AARP/Twitter)

"Abbey Road" by The Beatles -- Abbey Road, Westminster, London (via @jaredbkeller/Twitter)

"The Freewheelin'" by Bob Dylan -- Jones Street, West Village, New York City (via MancinSofia/Twitter)
"Animals'" by Pink Floyd --  Battersea Power Station in Wandsworth, London (via moodwood/Twitter)
"The Marshall Mathers LP" by Eminem -- Dresden Street, Detroit (via @cavaIieryouth/Twitter)

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