Rotterdam's fully automated supermarket, a baby elephant roaming Central London, and more.

Newsreel service-turned-archival source British Pathé just released a ton of newly digitized short films from the 20th century.

It's not all cricket highlights and war updates. Fully automated supermarket in Rotterdam? Pathé is there. A baby elephant roaming Central London? Pathé didn't miss that either.

Catering to a mostly British audience, the footage stretches well beyond Europe. The newsreel service explored mysterious Moscow in 1965; visited former U.K. colony Virginia in 1967; and took a fashion trip to Caracas (one that gives the impression Venezuelans depended on London for all their fashion needs) in 1969.

The full archive can be browsed over on their YouTube page. But proceed with caution - there are more than 3,500 hours of footage. Here are our favorites:

"Stock Shots - Hong Kong - Colour (1961)"

"Automatic Shop In Rotterdam (1962)"

Moscow (1965)

"Virginia (1967)"

"London In Caracas (1969)"

"Elephant 1969"

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