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Leave it to the Swedes to come up with a brilliant winter weather opportunity.

Kiruna, Sweden, knows how to deal with snow: build a playground out of it. For the city's annual Snow Festival in January, PinPin Studio teamed up with ICEHOTEL and other local partners to create this winter wonderland featuring a maze, ice slides, seating, and a "snow lantern" that glows at night. The entire playground took less than a week to build.

PinPin Studio

The walls of the snow maze are three meters tall, with some sections built out of translucent ice to "enhance directional confusion." The playground is flanked by two massive hills, where you can scope out your escape route ahead of time.

PinPin Studio

Kiruna's winter playground is free and open to the public, and will stay up until it melts, sometime in April. With winter storms still terrorizing the Northeast U.S., perhaps it's time cities like Boston followed the Swedish lead and put their snow to good use. Who doesn't love a labyrinth?

PinPin Studio
PinPin Studio
PinPin Studio

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