The Bay Area gains yet another tribute to the shrunken Jedi master.

It might be considered weird for a city to glorify a wizened, donkey-eared space-troll, but San Francisco is doubling down on it—first with a 26-inch replica of Yoda in the Presidio, and now with a sculpture of the pint-sized Jedi master right in bustling Union Square.

The heart-shaped Star Wars tribute, part of a charity drive for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, presents dual Yodas: one serenely clasping hands, the other staring into the distance while interstellar wind ruffles his lengthy neck hairs. Executed with golden colors and bursts of simulated light, the piece looks like it could double as tribute art spray-painted on a fan's RV—and indeed, its creator was Lawrence Noble, a Star Wars nut who's crafted sculptures for Lucasfilm's nearby headquarters.

This is at least the second time Heart Yoda has popped up in San Francisco. After being auctioned off for charity in 2011, it took a trip around the Bay Area, says a man who's done a scavenger hunt for other local hearts:

It was at Kuhlman's Craftsmen Shop in San Carlos. They tried to sell it at an estate sale last year. Apparently, they decided not to sell the heart. The bids were probably too low.

Instead, they donated it back to the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. The foundation put it on eBay, along with some 2015 hearts. The Yoda heart did not sell.

Now it's on display at Union Square again. It will probably sell quickly and disappear again.

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