“Phlegm” builds a different creature each day and posts them on his Instagram.

Venture into Epping Forest in Northeast London and you might find yourself face-to-face with a peculiar animal—a goat-horned Krampus, say, or a serpent throwing a goofy smile from a lake.

These are the creations of Sheffield’s Phlegm, who’s spending the month seeding the woods with a menagerie of strange critters. Making one animal a day, often from site-scavenged materials, the artist props his folksy creatures in publicly visible locations to jar and amuse passersby. You can find them on Phlegm’s Instagram, where he posts a new image each day.

The artist explains:

During August i'll be doing a project in Epping forest. A twelve mile stretch of ancient english woods stretching from Wanstead flats up to Epping. Every day i'll be doing a small installation or artwork within the boundaries of the forest. Its a project where i can immerse myself, be playful and site specific, where i can escape emails and modern life for a while and just work in the woods.

Some work is premade but most of it will be done during the project, using the forest as my studio. All artwork will be in view so please no digging and foraging. To lower my impact on the woods each day i will refill my empty bag with litter found on my way.

Take a peek at the mutant wildlife—they can be quite cute, once you dispel the craftsmanship’s slight similarity to those creepy sculptures in the Blair Witch Project.

Day6. Bird mobiles made from fly tipped wood.

A photo posted by phlegm (@phlegm_art) on

Day5. Krampus. Acrylic on fly tipped wood.

A photo posted by phlegm (@phlegm_art) on

Day4. Water serpent. Half submerged painted log. Whips cross area. #eppingforest #phlegm #serpent

A photo posted by phlegm (@phlegm_art) on

A photo posted by phlegm (@phlegm_art) on

H/t StreetArtNews

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