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The Gothenburg Snow Penis Strikes Again

Swedish campaigners insist the huge ice pecker carved in a city park was about freedom of expression.

The new improved snow penis created in Gothenburg's suburbs. (screenshot from Youtube user Emilian Sava)

Sweden’s second city of Gothenberg has been gripped by a public debate for the past week—over a giant snow penis.

Following icy weather, an unknown artist apparently ventured onto the frozen moat bordering the city’s Kungsparken this weekend, according to The Local. In the fresh snow that had fallen on the ice, he or she then scraped out the crude but unmistakable likeness of a male member. When the predictable complaints from the public arrived, park staff ventured onto the ice to remove the priapic design. The result? Uproar.

Even in a city already blessed with ample works of public art, many Gothenburgers couldn’t understand why the city would spoil a little harmless seasonal fun. A Facebook group Save the Snow Pecker (“Återställ Snökuken” in Swedish) was set up to restore the mammoth ice wang, and a demonstration was even planned in its favor for January 22.

Now, in a dramatic turn of events, it seems that the demonstration won’t be necessary: the Gothenburg snow penis has been reborn in a different city location, bigger and snowier than ever. Its creator: the man who destroyed it in the first place.

Emilian Sava scraping away the original artwork. Youtube/Emilian Sava

Maintenance worker Emilian Sava felt so bad after scraping away the initial ice phallus that he and a colleague took his snow blower down to one of Gothenburg’s suburban beaches to recreate the original. As he explained to newspaper Aftonbladet:

“I felt a bit sorry for [the protestors] and decided to fix things somehow. I just dumped everything into the snow thrower and went out to [the suburban beach at] Askimsbadet and to offer up a lovely large snökuk.

Calling it large is an understatement. Gothenburg’s new ice wang is so grand in scale that its proportions can only be fully appreciated from the air. This perfect solution means it’s unlikely to offend passers-by. Meanwhile, the creator of the Facebook campaign group sees the new shlong in the snow as a victory for freedom of expression. As he told local paper Göteborgs-Posten:

“In the future, I hope that people become more involved in decorating the city we all live in—whether our expressions are approved by the authorities or not. It is absolutely a frivolous thing, but also a form of popular creativity. When an established artist paints a penis in oil paint, he can hang in a frame in a gallery. But if an ordinary citizen draws a penis in the snow, it’s the obscene and must be removed. I mean it’s just about who the creator is.”

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