MapLab: The Fire Starting in Alabama

A biweekly tour of the ever-expanding cartographic landscape.

The Second Life of Frank Lloyd Wright's Monster House

150 years after the architect was born, his striking tile-clad Ennis House is a testament to his continued influence—particularly onscreen.

'Game of Thrones' Tourists Are Besieging Dubrovnik

The medieval city in Croatia is having a geek-culture moment as the setting for King’s Landing in the HBO series (not to mention the new Star Wars movie). But not everyone appreciates all the attention.

The Story of the Great Lakes in 8 Maps

The book Third Coast Atlas seeks to illuminate the Great Lakes—America’s “third coast”—through maps, plans, photos, and more.

The Incendiary States of America

A detailed map of U.S. wildfires since 1980 reveals the growing role of human causes.

A distressed cartoon house on a overcrowded city street

Revisiting an Anti-Urban Children's Story Everyone Loves

If Robert McCloskey’s Make Way For Ducklings anticipated Jane Jacobs, Virginia Lee Burton’s The Little House lined up firmly with Lewis Mumford.

Two squat buildings on a sidewalk, both of which appear to be shuttered.

Documenting Nostalgia on Route 66

Filmmaker and photographer Phil Donohue shot scenes along the famed U.S. highway to explore what we long for and leave behind.

The House of the Future Is Elevated

We can build homes to sit above flood waters so people can ride out the Harveys of the future, but it won’t be easy or cheap.

Here Comes the Soccer Arena Boondoogle

As the NFL founders, cities are dangling football-style funding promises at pro soccer franchises.

Canada's National Holocaust Monument

Finding Light Through the Concrete of Canada's Holocaust Monument

Daniel Libeskind brings his Deconstructivist aesthetic to Ottawa as a contemplation of the humanity and politics behind genocide.

How Architects Can Design 'Coherent and Peaceful Cities'

In Burkina Faso and elsewhere, Architect Francis Kéré approaches design as a medium for easing tensions around political issues like migration.

Buckminster Fuller's Biosphere as it appeared during Montreal's Expo 67.

In Quebec, Buckminster Fuller's Domed Dreams Live On

A show in Montreal focuses on the province’s forgotten history with the geodesic dome leading up to Expo 67.

Postmodern building in central London.

A Symbol of London's Finance Heyday Shifts to Coworking

A monument to the city’s pre-millennial excess will now become a WeWork.

London's Future: More People, Fewer Cars

Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Draft London Plan sets out a vision of how Britain’s capital will change by 2029.

Good Book, Weird Museum

D.C.’s new Museum of the Bible blends history and insight with spectacle.

MapLab: Giving Thanks For Data

A biweekly tour of the ever-expanding cartographic landscape.

A map with the words "London Underground Architecture & Design Map"

A Map That Celebrates the Subway

Starting with London’s Tube, a new series aims to capture the art and history of rapid transit systems around the world.

Shoppers ride escalators inside a mall in Vina del mar, Chile.

The Triumph of the Latin American Mall

Boosted by a growing middle class, the shopping mall is booming in Central and South America.

Pont Des Arts in Paris

Paris Wants to Build a Few Garden Bridges

Here’s what it should learn from London’s infamous efforts to build one.

A Vancouver house designed in a modern style

How Cities Get 'Granny Flats' Wrong

A Vancouver designer says North American cities need bolder policies to realize the potential of accessory dwellings.