Oregon May Strip Portland of Its NIMBY Powers

A controversial bill before the state legislature would preempt cities’ rights to prevent new affordable housing.

Bradford Young gestures

Bradford Young Trains His Lens on Pittsburgh's Hill District

Hollywood’s new wunderkind cinematographer took time out of his schedule filming Arrival and Star Wars to visit and interpret the photography of Pittsburgh’s legendary Charles “Teenie” Harris.

Moshe Safdie observing construction at Habitat 67

Revisiting 'Habitat' 50 Years Later

Architect Moshe Safdie talks about his most celebrated project and how it still influences housing today.

Houston's Buffalo Bayou Promenade, designed by SWA Group.

Will Drones Lead to a Boom in Landscape Architecture?

And could a golden era for urban design lead to the automation of landscape architects?

A Call for 'Safety Gardens' to Protect From Vehicular Terrorism

After the attack on London Bridge, a campaign envisions an alternative to concrete barriers that would protect pedestrians and memorialize victims at the same time.

Gorgeous 180-Degree Panoramas of Latin America's Churches

Photographer Richard Silver bends the vaulted ceilings of churches into surreal, dazzling designs.

Did London's Housing Crisis Help Spark a Fatal Blaze?

Residents of Grenfell Tower could be indirect victims of the city’s approach to “affordable” housing.

Oakland Gets a Marxist Pop-Up: the 'Museum of Capitalism'

Don’t forget to visit the gift shop!

Hamburg Lets the Waters In

In response to rising tides, the city will give its river some much-needed space to breathe.

Washington, D.C.'s Union Station Great Hall in 1980,

America's Train Stations: An Architectural Explainer

Long before America had a distinct sense of buildings as corporate branding, rail lines were busy laying the very track of the idea.

Portland Deploys Thief-Proof Bike Racks

The city’s bike bandits like attacking racks—but this one fights back.

Can 'Reinvent Paris 2' Rise Above Its Bad Reputation?

A groundbreaking architectural competition returns to Paris. Are its critics right to fear another fiasco?

The Dark Architecture of National Security

How the built environment of the security state reflects the anxieties of the modern age.

Lindholm Oil Company Service Station in Carlton County, Minnesota

Frank Lloyd Wright, Urban Visionary

For all his criticisms, America’s most celebrated architect wasn’t intrinsically opposed to cities. Instead, he urged us to examine what they had become and recognize that none of their failures were inevitable.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Greatest Urban Hits

In honor of the architect’s 150th birthday, here are his best buildings that are in or near cities and open to the public.

A Fantasy Subway Map of Ancient Roman Roads

If the Roman Empire had managed build a continents-spanning transit system for its empire, it might have looked like this.

Oregon's Niagara Falls, Revealed

Hidden behind the industry on its banks, Willamette Falls has long been out of reach. A $25 million river walk will soon change that.

Counterpoint: D.C.'s Carnegie Library Is a Fine Place for an Apple Store

We should liberalize our notion of what constitutes an acceptable reuse strategy for grand-dame civic buildings.

Hartford's Capewell Horsenail Factory in 2005, abandoned for decades and heavily contaminated. It's now a luxury loft apartment building.

EPA: Don't Make New Brownfields

It doesn’t make sense to keep funding toxic cleanup efforts while simultaneously loosening regulations.