The Local Fight to Demilitarize the Police

How cities, counties, and local governments can stop their streets from becoming battlegrounds.

Lab Report: Will Harvey Force Houston to Rethink Development?

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Construction at Orange County Government Center.

An Architectural Rescue Gone Wrong

A Brutalist complex meant to represent progressive government through ambitious design is no longer. What happened to Paul Rudolph’s Orange County Government Center?

A Small Town's Adventures in Tactical Urbanism

A weekend-long experiment in Barberton, Ohio, showed residents how they can benefit from human-centered urban design.

Documenting the Art Deco Riches of Mumbai

There’s a little-known trove of Deco buildings hiding in the Indian megacity, and local preservationists are hunting them down.

Workers pouring concrete are pictured.

How Concrete Cemented Its Place in History

The Undercover Economist explains why this ancient building material came to dominate the world today—and why that could be a problem in the future.

A proposal for a milk-vending cow in a public park.

The Fossil-Fuel-Free Cities of the Future Sure Look Weird

Three takes on imagining a carbon-free world.

A bus drives through a busy city intersection

A Filmmaker's 'Bizarre, Impossible Journey' Through Urban Spaces

Páraic Gloughlin’s short film, Chase examines how natural and unnatural spaces tap into how it feels to be alive in a city.

A woman sits reading on a rooftop garden, with the dense city of Tokyo surrounding her.

Designing a Megacity for Mental Health

A new report assesses how Tokyo’s infrastructure affects residents’ emotional well-being, offering lessons for other cities.

Seeking Peace and Justice, Montgomery Plans a Lynching Memorial

This memorial, unlike any other in the U.S., will challenge each locality where a lynching took place to directly confront its past.

Communal space at classroom in Espoo, Finland.

Why Finland Is Embracing Open-Plan School Design

The country’s educational successes are undeniable, but simply demolishing school walls alone won’t necessarily replicate them.

New public notice signs from Atlanta's Department of City Planning.

Atlanta's Planning Department Makeover

A new seal, a new name, and most importantly, new signs that people will actually read.

"Gift Horse"—a skeletal sculpture of a horse by artist Hans Haacke—debuted on the Fourth Plinth in London's Trafalgar Square in 2015.

What To Do With Baltimore's Empty Confederate Statue Plinths?

Put them to work, Trafalgar Square style.

Charlottesville Needs To Rename This Park

The city should replace the memorial to Robert E. Lee with a memorial to Heather Heyer.

Durham Protesters Topple Confederate Statue

The groups lassoed the bronze soldier to the ground.

A Gathering of the Zines

An annual festival in D.C. makes it easy for zinesters from different cities to find new ideas and each other.

A rendering of the Neiman Marcus inside The Shops at Hudson Yards

How Manhattan Got Vertical Retail Right, Again

After building a few duds in the late 20th century, architects and developers are giving New Yorkers a better multi-level retail experience with a mix of new ideas and lessons from the past.

Watch the World's Temperatures Spiral Out of Control

“Temperature Anomalies” is a data visualization of the past century’s changing climate that effectively captures how screwed we are.

Attendees to the D.C. city government's Form-a-Palooza waved a city flag if they had a question while redesigning a few of the city's most frustrating forms.

We Went to 'Form-a-Palooza,' a Hackathon For Better Paperwork

D.C.’s new innovation lab wanted to redesign red tape, and the city’s wonks were eager to help.

An illustration of birds flying over the Javits Center green roof

Green Roofs Are Saving Birds and Hatching Bird-Watchers

When landscape architects attract flocks to urban centers, city dwellers are keen to look up.