The Cottages at Hickory Crossing in Dallas

Good Design Is a Public Good

In an excerpt from his book Design for Good, John Cary considers the achievements and future of the social-impact design movement.

1970s apartment building in the Bronx

'It Wouldn't Happen Today'

In the 1970s, a state agency tapped some of the best young architects in the country for an ambitious affordable housing effort that—despite its flaws—could not be matched today.

'Happy Holidays!' From New York's Parking Garages

For tourists in Midtown looking for the True Spirit of Christmas, photographer Chris Maggio knows just where to go.

A Mid-Century Shopping Icon Makes Way For the Future

Victor Gruen’s Northland Center set suburban architectural standards for half a century. Now, partially demolished, its next life is up in the air.

Revisiting the Subtle Side of British PoMo

Today’s design debates push the architectural style’s bells and whistles into a prize fight against Brutalism. But much of its strength emerges in a different area.

A cell tower rises alongside a highway

The Telecom Tower Next Door

A new photo series depicts and questions how ubiquitous telecom infrastructure is in our lives.

The abandoned Randall Park Mall in North Randall, Ohio

The Great Retail Retrofit

The “retail apocalypse” affords a unique opportunity to turn retail stores and malls into more productive community spaces.

York Station

The Ambitious Design and Low Density of Toronto's Newest Subway Stations

Despite its shortcomings, the scope of the 5.3-mile Spadina line addition is significant.

U.S. Embassy in London

America's Passive-Aggressive New Embassy Arrives in London

Why can’t we let bunkers be bunkers?

When Density Isn't Greener

A new study challenges some widely held assumptions about urban and suburban development.

Broadacre City model

When Frank Lloyd Wright Comes to Harlem

A show at Columbia University illuminates the celebrated architect’s vision for housing in America by placing it alongside the urban brick apartment towers he loathed.

MapLab: The Fire Starting in Alabama

A biweekly tour of the ever-expanding cartographic landscape.

The Second Life of Frank Lloyd Wright's Monster House

150 years after the architect was born, his striking tile-clad Ennis House is a testament to his continued influence—particularly onscreen.

'Game of Thrones' Tourists Are Besieging Dubrovnik

The medieval city in Croatia is having a geek-culture moment as the setting for King’s Landing in the HBO series (not to mention the new Star Wars movie). But not everyone appreciates all the attention.

The Story of the Great Lakes in 8 Maps

The book Third Coast Atlas seeks to illuminate the Great Lakes—America’s “third coast”—through maps, plans, photos, and more.

The Incendiary States of America

A detailed map of U.S. wildfires since 1980 reveals the growing role of human causes.

A distressed cartoon house on a overcrowded city street

Revisiting an Anti-Urban Children's Story Everyone Loves

If Robert McCloskey’s Make Way For Ducklings anticipated Jane Jacobs, Virginia Lee Burton’s The Little House lined up firmly with Lewis Mumford.

Two squat buildings on a sidewalk, both of which appear to be shuttered.

Documenting Nostalgia on Route 66

Filmmaker and photographer Phil Donohue shot scenes along the famed U.S. highway to explore what we long for and leave behind.

The House of the Future Is Elevated

We can build homes to sit above flood waters so people can ride out the Harveys of the future, but it won’t be easy or cheap.

Here Comes the Soccer Arena Boondoogle

As the NFL founders, cities are dangling football-style funding promises at pro soccer franchises.