Mapping the Edison Bulbs of Brooklyn

Behold vintage incandescent bulbs, the illumination of gentrifiers.  

Real Estate Developers Become the Entertainers

As cities fall in love with mixed-use developments that function as public spaces, the builders are taking on a bigger role as curators of cultural events.

Public Squares Are the Front Lines in the Fight Against Terrorism

As tactics for attacking urban areas evolve, city leaders are considering design tweaks to protect public spaces against vehicle attacks and other growing threats.

People use leaning bars at a bus stop in Brooklyn in 2016.

Cities Take Both Sides in the 'War on Sitting'

Cities are removing benches in an effort to counter vagrancy and crime—at the same time that they’re adding them to make the public realm more age-friendly.

Montreal's Retired Metro Cars Are Staying Busy

Thresholds, an art installation made of old MR-63 doors, is the first of seven winning reuse proposals to be realized.

Super Kind, Metro Los Angeles' new etiqutte superhero.

Los Angeles Gets the Transit Etiquette Superhero It Needs

Metro’s manners campaign features a monster-battling Japanese pop star.

Are You Ready for 'Evicted' Live?

Matthew Desmond’s Pulitzer Prize–winning book about structural poverty will soon be an “immersive” exhibition at D.C.’s National Building Museum.

A table full of coloring books and colored pencils

Can Coloring Books Demystify Bike-Lane Design?

To share concepts from its “low-stress” bicycle master plan, Montgomery County, Maryland, chose the ultimate stress-busting medium of the coloring book.

Experimental City: The Sci-Fi Utopia That Never Was

With solar energy, recycling, computers, and personal mass transit, the 1960s-era Minnesota Experimental City was a prescient and hopeful vision of the urban future. A new documentary tells its story.

The Problem With 'Fast-Casual Architecture'

Washington, D.C., has a huge new waterfront development that’s fun, popular, and easy on the eyes. Is anything wrong with that?

Ai Weiwei's "Arch" at Washington Square in Manhattan.

Ai Weiwei's Art Reaches New York's Streets

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors is perhaps the artist’s most ambitious public project yet.

A Bright Idea to Revive a Neighborhood

The financial crisis brought (literally) darker times to parts of Athens. Now one neighborhood is fighting to bring light back to the streets.

Eero Saarinen looks over an architectural model with Kevin Roche in their Michigan office.

Learning About Starchitects Through Their Offspring

In an emerging subgenre of architectural documentary, Nathaniel Kahn, Tomas Koolhaas, and Eric Saarinen take a personal look at their mythologized fathers.

Designing for a Better Democracy

From graphic explainers of government regulations to board-game-style community workshops, new MacArthur Fellow Damon Rich uses design to make cities more democratic.

Architecture Beyond the A-List

Three exhibits showcase Chicago’s architectural and cultural riches outside of downtown.

Lab Report: The New Urban-Suburban Blob

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

An installation from the Newburgh Community Land Bank's “Artist-in-Vacancy" program.

Lifting a Small Town Through a Land Bank Arts Program

In Newburgh, New York, a new “Artist-in-Vacancy” program aims to show the community as chargednot afflicted—by its past.

Urbanists Just Cleaned Up in MacArthur 'Genius Grants'

This year’s class of fellows reflect the importance of city problems and solutions.

A Look Back at the Suburbs of Toronto

A new exhibit explores postwar life in the suburbs of Canada’s largest city.

Obesity Thrives in the Suburbs

A U.K. study finds a clear connection between density and obesity—and even rural areas fare better than suburban ones.