A man walks out of the door frame of a building that collapsed after an earthquake, in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City, Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

Mexico City's Earthquake, Through Residents' Eyes

Here’s how locals responded when shocks struck the city.

An illustration of Earth with white strips of light emanating out

The World's Soaring CO2 Levels Visualized as Skyscrapers

This unusual animation gives an architectural twist to the history and possible dark future of climate change.

Lab Report: How Uber and Airbnb Can Help Green a City

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, left, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio hold a sign reading "Cities4Climate" in front of a waterway and apartments

How Trump Is Helping the Politics of Local Climate Action

On the first day of Climate Week, mayors from around the world are reasserting pledges to deliver on the Paris agreement.

How Houston homeownership rates overlap with Harvey-induced floods.

Mapping Harvey's Impact on Houston's Homeowners

The Urban Institute visualizes the havoc wreaked by the storm on first-time, minority homeowners.

A law enforcement vehicle patrols a flooded street of in Everglades City, Florida, September 11, 2017

Can Nature Help Defend Florida Against Natural Disasters?

Coral and mangroves offer storm-buffering services, but they’re disappearing.

An Unlikely Pairing of Sustainable Development and Hip Hop

Eight entrepreneurs and eight rappers try to sell the world on the UN’s environmental agenda through rap battles.

A person wades through water in a flooded development in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Fort Myers, Florida.

Florida's Swamped Sewers Flooded Cities With Poop

Hurricane Irma caused massive sewage overflows, highlighting the twin dangers of an aging infrastructure and climate change.

An inspector stands in front of an archway in a dark sewer tunnel

London's Sewers Are Clogged With Massive Globs of Fat. Here’s Why It’s Hard to Get Rid of Them

“Fatbergs,” these vast bundles of congealed grease, are becoming the stuff of urban legend—but preventing their formation can be complex.

Can China Support Its (Eventual) Ban on Gas Cars?

Electric vehicles might be the future, but the country’s infrastructure has a long way to go before it can charge them.

In this photo combination, evacuees wade down Tidwell Road in Houston on August 28, 2017, top, as floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey rise, and a car drives down the same road on September 5, bottom, after the water receded.

Zoned for Displacement

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma may have hit white and non-white families alike, but it will be people of color who will have the toughest time getting their homes back, which is by design.

A barbed-wire fence encircles a pit of muddy-looking water and felled trees

The Looming Superfund Nightmare

As unprecedented hurricanes assault coastal U.S. communities, residents and experts fear the storms could unleash contamination the EPA has tried to keep at bay.

A woman on a bicycle drives pass a house destroyed by the earthquake that struck the southern coast of Mexico late on Thursday, in Ixtaltepec, Mexico.

Mexico Desperately Needs a Better Earthquake Alert System

When the earth is about to move, seconds are precious.

Boys wading through knee-high water on a flooded street after Hurricane Irma

More Hurricanes in Southern California and Western Europe? It Could Happen.

Shifts in hemispheric weather patterns may steer tropical systems toward the poles—and to regions that aren’t expecting them.

A little girl surveys the high water levels in Jacksonville after Hurricane Irma recedes.

The Poor in Irma's Path

In two Florida cities, we mapped where low-income communities live, and how they’re affected by flood risks.

A woman looks at her phone in near darkness

Florida's Electric Grid Needs a Wholesale Reboot

Hurricane Irma has laid waste to the state's electricity, affecting more than 10 million people. Now what?

A woman stands among planks of wood, walls, and other debris wrecked by Hurricane Harvey

We Need to Get Smarter About Rebuilding After Storms

In an era of unprecedented weather events, infrastructure must be adaptable, resilient, and equitable.

A woman covering her mouth with her jacket as she crosses a bridge in smoggy Missoula, Montana

The West Is on Fire. Get Used to It.

A fire ecologist explains why this summer’s wildfires are so dramatic, and why the West will have to learn to live with a more severe burning season.

Why a Hurricane Like Irma Poses a Particular Challenge to Florida

The storm’s enormous size, spanning both coasts of the state, could slow the rescue and recovery efforts, officials warned on Sunday.

A traffic light dangles from its wire on Simonton Street in downtown Key West, Florida, after Hurricane Wilma

The Storm-Preparedness Tool That Predicts Power Outages

Researchers wanted to forecast potential blackouts across vast spans, not just specific cities.

Cars slowed to a standstill on an elevated highway above trees and water with power lines running parallel

Mapping the Mass Exodus From Florida by Land, Sea, and Sky

Here’s how residents of Miami-Dade County are fleeing the path of Hurricane Irma.