Horned Larks from 1904 (top) and 1966 (bottom), The Field Museum.

How Soot-Covered Birds Narrate Pollution's Toxic Legacy

By analyzing collections at natural history museums, researchers revisited 135 years of industry.

Winds and waves batter the coast as Ophelia hits the County Clare town of Lahinch.

Ireland Buckles up for Stronger Storms

Europe’s cities are unprepared to deal with storms such as ex-hurricane Ophelia. That’s got to change.

Lab Report: When Fire Engulfs an 'Unburnable' Neighborhood

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

At night, a firefighter passes through smoke to survey a building destroyed by a wildfire near Calistoga, California.

Is Oakland Overdue for Another Firestorm?

As wildfires rage in California’s wine country, the scene is set for a recurrence of Oakland’s devastating 1991 blaze.

An aerial shows damage caused by wildfires in Santa Rosa, California.

California's Wildfires Are a Public Health Crisis

Pollution is wafting far from the devastating blazes.

A relief worker in San Juan checks road conditions on a marked-up map of Puerto Rico.

When Cartography Meets Disaster Relief

Volunteers across the globe are filling in maps of Puerto Rico. How do humanitarian workers use them?

Rebuilding Puerto Rico From the Grassroots Up

Longtime environmental justice activist Elizabeth Yeampierre is helping spearhead a national day of action on creating a “just recovery” for Puerto Rico. Here’s what that means.

A group of retired police officers works through the ruins of the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa, California.

Lab Report: In California Fires, 'The Wilds and the Built' Collide

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

A worker waits for a piece of heavy machinery to pass by at a new coal mine in Friedens, Pennsylvania, in June 2017.

The End of the Clean Power Plan?

The EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has announced a plan to repeal this signature Obama-era policy, which strove to gut power plant emissions 32 percent by 2030.

A helicopter drops water on a wind-driven wildfire in Orange, California, on October 9, 2017.

Wind-Blown Fires Are Ravaging California

Here’s how the “Diablo winds” are sparking historic blazes.

A coal-fired power plant is pictured.

Lab Report: 'The War on Coal Is Over.' So What Now?

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

The ClimateMusic Project performs inside the planetarium at Oakland's Chabot Space & Science Center.

The Odd, Disconcerting Music of Climate Change

San Francisco scientists and musicians are creating experimental compositions based on real climate data.

A resident pushes wheelbarrow across a flooded street in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav in New Orleans.

The Case for the Flood-Proof Lawn

New Orleans’ water infrastructure needs a lot of work. In the meantime, some residents are taking a new street-level approach to dealing with a deluge.

A resident uses a plastic bag to move downed power cables in Puerto Rico.

Is Solar the Answer to Puerto Rico's Blackout?

Energy companies are scrambling to get solar microgrids up and running—and imagining a future that leans away from diesel.

Cars driving down downtown Chicago at night

A City's Most Vulnerable Residents Bear the Brunt of Its Noise

New research shows that noise pollution in U.S. cities is concentrated in poor and minority communities.

Local residents ride a horse by a house wiped out by Hurricane Maria in Jayuya, Puerto Rico.

Congress Has a Great Way to Create New Housing After Hurricane Disasters

After Katrina, expanding tax credits helped the Gulf Coast rebuild affordable rental housing. It can work in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, too.

Haze covering Big Ben

Wood-Burning Stoves Are Fouling London's Air

In nearly every corner of the city, particulate matter levels far exceed the limits set by the World Health Organization.

Lake Erie Gets Legendarily Slimed, Again

A virulent algae bloom feeding on agricultural nutrients has transformed the water, yet again, into something green and oozing.

Why Gas-Efficient Cars Can't Save the Climate

New research reveals an unintended consequence of a signature policy of the Obama era.

Kentucky Says It's High Time for Hemp

An eccentric coalition of libertarians, environmentalists, and GOP lawmakers are promoting the virtues of the useful weed for rural and urban areas alike. But there’s one big legal hurdle.

People examine a model EV in front of an image of rock formations

General Motors Maps Its Zero-Emission Future

The company announces plans to release 20 new electric vehicles by 2023.