A truck engine is tested for pollution near the Mexican-U.S. border in Otay Mesa, California

California's Blueprint for Bipartisan Climate Change Action

By extending the cap-and-trade system, the state reasserted its commitment to pushing back against the Trump administration’s environmental policies.

Let's All Swim in the Once-Filthy Canals of Paris

Unlike many cities, the French capital has made good on its promise to re-open urban waterways to bathers. How did they do it?  

The former Oakland Army Base pier at left and the Port of Oakland at lower right in Oakland.

For West Oakland, an Old Army Base Could Mean New Pollution

Grassroots groups bemoan projects that may provide little economic benefit and exacerbate environmental inequity at the U.S.’s fifth-busiest port.

The Salk Institute, near San Diego

This Is Your Brain on Architecture

In her new book, Sarah Williams Goldhagen presents scientific evidence for why some buildings delight us and others—too many of them—disappoint.

Planes struggle to lift off when hotter temperatures make for less dense air.

Climate Change's Revenge on the Aviation Industry

New research piles on the unpleasant effects of hotter air on plane travel.

Lab Report: Which Coastal Cities Will Flood First

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Iceland Is Sick of Tourists' Bad Behavior

Visitors are underestimating the country’s dangers—and taking locals for granted.

How a Rust Belt Town Goes Coal-Free

Tonawanda, New York, provides a blueprint for other struggling post-industrial communities.

Old cars in Paris are pictured.

France Will Ban Gasoline Vehicles By 2040

If any city is ready for this “veritable revolution,” it’s Paris.

California Governor Jerry Brown is pictured.

Lab Report: Announcing the San Francisco Climate Summit

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

An animated illustration of the U.S. flag is pictured.

How America Can Declare Independence From Dirty Energy

Experts weigh in on what it’ll take to fight climate change, ditch polluting fossil fuels, and ramp up renewables.

A Texas State Park police officer walks on the cracked and drought-wracked lakebed of O.C. Fisher Lake, in San Angelos, Texas

Climate Change Will Intensify Inequality in the U.S.

Global warming will aggravate regional disparities and the South will bear the worst of the costs, according to a revolutionary new economic assessment.

When Cleaner Air Is Just a Fluke

Madrid has taken several steps to address its brown cloud, but that’s not the main reason air pollution decreased last year.

Is East Chicago the Next Flint?

A month after residents of a public housing complex learned they’d been living on dangerously polluted land for decades, they were told they’d have to leave their community.

A man shields his face in smog.

Climate Change Is Making Cities Sick

City leaders must do more to integrate climate concerns into public health policy.

Nature Therapy Is a Privilege

Science is learning more about the health benefits of going outside—at a time when access to wild spaces is ever-more unequal.

Generation 180's  “Keep It Cool” campaign is crowdsourcing reports of AC-wasting businesses.

This Summer, Keep the Damn Door Closed

Businesses that air condition the sidewalk are on alert with a new crowdsourced campaign.

Where Tomorrow's Floods Will Come

Extreme rainfall events like Tropical Storm Cindy are becoming more common. But development on inland flood zones hasn’t slowed down.

Heat rises as an American Eagle jet lands at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, June 19, 2017

Why It's Too Hot to Fly in Phoenix

When flights are grounded, climate change isn’t acting alone.

A girl drinks a bottle of water next to a fan spraying water mist on a hot summer day

'We Can Feel the Warmth in the Walls'

The health dangers of urban heat islands are sneaky and pernicious—and researchers are trying to crack the code.

Hamburg Lets the Waters In

In response to rising tides, the city will give its river some much-needed space to breathe.