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It's So Cold in Chicago, Firefighters Left This Warehouse Covered in Ice

This is what happens when you fight a fire in below-freezing temperatures.

A five-story warehouse building on Chicago's South Side caught fire Tuesday night, in what became the city's largest blaze in seven years, the Chicago Tribune reports. NBC Chicago describes the scene the next morning:

[T]he five-story building was covered in ice from all the water poured onto it in freezing temperatures. Chicago saw dangerously cold 10-degree temperatures overnight after the coldest day in several years with wind chill lows plunging to -10 and -20 degrees.

Here's what Reuters photographer John Gress saw today.

Firefighters spray down hot spots on the ice covered warehouse. (John Gress/Reuters)
Firefighters spray down hot spots on the ice covered warehouse that caught fire Tuesday night. (John Gress/Reuters)
A truck is encased in ice after the fire. (John Gress/Reuters)
Chicago Fire Department Lieutenant Charley De Jesus walks around the ice-covered warehouse. (John Gress/Reuters)

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