Here's a new take on the old frying-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk trick.

With Australia locked in an intense heat wave – latest headline: "Melbourne a 'heat-island' death trap" – some folks are having a little fun with the ungodly weather. Folks like Evan Stainsby, who decided to replicate the old frying-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk experiment with a more toothsome treat, a Lindt truffle.

"It's hot in Melbourne this week," writes Stainsby. "I recorded this chocolate Lindt ball melting in a bluestone laneway in South Melbourne. It took just under 3 minutes to become a puddle of chocolate."

You might be forgiven for mistaking the chocolate for ice cream, that's how fast it disintegrates. At the time that Stainsby uploaded this video, on Wednesday, temperatures had risen to 108 degrees. That was just slightly better than Tuesday's hellish high of 109 degrees, which had tennis players at the Australian Open alternately vomiting on the court and hallucinating about Snoopy. Today, at the early hour of 9 a.m., the mercury was already at a fairly sweaty 96 degrees. 

If it gets any hotter, you might start seeing videos like this featuring actual melting humans:

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