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We'll see how it goes.

Following late January's storm fiasco in which Atlanta ground to a halt under two inches of snow, government officials are claiming better preparedness this time around as another storm hits Georgia this week.

Governor Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency in 45 counties ahead of the storm, which is expected to hit Monday night and continue through Wednesday. Two inches of snow are again expected in the Atlanta area, while more northern regions can expect as much as eight inches. The Atlanta Department of Transportation said that it had about 3,000 tons of rock salt on hand the combat snow and ice, and that it would begin spreading it Monday evening.

The Governor has also asked truckers to give a wide berth around Atlanta and avoid the area for the duration of the storm. Public schools announced plans to cancel classes, while MARTA said that it would run a regular Tuesday schedule.

This week's storm will be the first since the state convened a 32-member severe weather task force, in the hopes of avoid a situation similar to a couple weeks ago, when traffic jams and school and business closures kept people in their cars or at work overnight.

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