Guess when it will and you might win a meeting with the mayor.

We’re coming up on July and New England temperatures are in the 70s, yet Boston’s snow doesn’t seem to know that. It’s still there, sitting in a cold, corpulent mound that occasionally melts just enough to discharge garbage.

The killer endurance of the Seaport Snow Farm is a testament to the historic powder-dump that slammed Boston this year. By mid-March, Logan International Airport had received more than nine feet of snow, making this the snowiest winter on local record books. Plows and trucks moved the stuff to various sites around the metro area, building mini-mountains that almost require Sherpas to summit. Here’s the Seaport beast in February, for example:

And here it is Wednesday night, crusted with filth and trash the plows scooped up from the streets:

When will it finally go away? Mayor Marty Walsh is taking bets, tweeting that he’ll hang out with whoever guesses closest. One clue: The deadline for that contest is July 15th, so City Hall expects it to last at least a few more weeks.

Revel in the snow farm’s leaden majesty:

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