The Golden Gate Bridge rises above a neighborhood of tightly packed homes in the Richmond District in San Francisco.

The Budding Romance Between Developers and Environmentalists

Is the greener future one of build, build, build?

A map of the U.S. showing where Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Matthew, Sandy, and Maria hit.

How Do This Year's Storms Stack Up Against Hurricane Sandy?

We compared the strength, consequences, and long roads to recovery.

Tour Hypérion in Bordeaux

Why Timber Towers Are On the Rise in France

From Bordeaux to Paris, concrete is losing its cachet.

Surgeons doing a procedure in an operating room

Puerto Rico's Dire Health-Care Crisis

Over a month after Hurricane Maria, citizens are still facing limited access to medical help and the increasing threat of illness.

A man walks away from a building that has been surrounded by water pushed up by Hurricane Sandy in Bellport, New York.

Here's What We've Learned About Hurricanes Since Sandy

Scientists understand a lot more about how extreme weather affects the intensity of storms.

A house and a field full of grasses, separated by a chain-link fence.

Lost to Sandy, Reclaimed By Nature

Here’s why one community chose not to rebuild.

Two people in shadow look out at the river and New Jersey skyline from the Whitney Museum.

Museums Are Uniquely Prepared for the Next Natural Disaster

Climate-resilient design is on the rise. Museums, seeking to protect their priceless art, are on this cutting edge.

Will Higher Fees Hurt the National Park Service's Diversity Efforts?

A trip to Yosemite or Yellowstone doesn’t come cheap. Some experts worry raising the entrance fee from $25 to $70 could make a difference in who is welcomed.

People walk along a shore with small streams of water going to the sand.

This Staten Island Town Has a Brilliant and Wacky Flood-Prevention Strategy

The idea is to invite water in, not keep it out.

A red flag on the beach warns swimmers of high surf and dangerous currents in the Rockaways in October 2017, five years after the area was ravaged by Sandy.

The Long Tail of a Storm

Five years after Superstorm Sandy, some effects still linger.

An illustration of buildings sunken underground and upside down.

Surreal Architecture to Tackle the World's Environmental Crises

Could sustainability depend on e-waste-eating fungus and towing icebergs to the Persian Gulf?

Firefighters hose down a burning forest.

The Flawed Way We Look at Fires

Don’t blame California wildfires on a “perfect storm” of weather events.

A man accompanied by a fluffy dog rides past a burned-down neighborhood.

We Need Novel Ways to Stave Off Wildfires

Take it from these Californians who have lived through and studied the state's blazes.

A truck dumps compost materials inside a receiving area at the Cedar Grove processing facility near Seattle, Washington.

How Much Food Do Cities Squander?

Researchers have unearthed the wasteful habits of households and businesses in Nashville, Denver, and New York—and created a blueprint for curbing them.

An aerial view of a neighborhood with many blocks of houses burned to the ground.

Can Better Planning Prevent California From Going up in Flames?

Blazes in California’s wine country reveal key policy gaps, and the need to rethink urban fire risk.

Joseph Leader, the vice president of the New York MTA, inspects a flooded escalator down to a subway platform in the days after Hurricane Sandy.

How Hurricanes and Climate Change Will Flood New York City

A new study suggests that the next few hundred years won’t be smooth sailing.

Mervat Al-Mherat, the city manager and deputy for health and agricultural affairs for Amman

Stress Is a Public Health Concern, Too

In Amman, Jordan, officials want to look to underlying causes to address high smoking rates.

A hand holding a red swamp crayfish.

Delft Is Crawling With Crayfish

If you can’t beat invasive species, maybe you can eat them.

Cities Are Thinking and Acting Globally, Says Paris Mayor

Anne Hidalgo did not mince words when it came to Donald Trump’s climate policies.

There's a Smarter Way To Pick Infrastructure Projects

How well do we prioritize what to build or fix? Not well at all, says a new report.