Squirrels Speak Bird

The skittish rodents are always listening for cues that tell them if they’re safe or not—including to the sounds of their avian friends.

a photo of a child drawing an anti-Amazon protest sign at the Climate Strike march in San Francisco.

Why Climate Strike Protesters Targeted Amazon Go

Amazon’s automated convenience store became a meeting point—physically and philosophically—for climate and labor protesters on Friday.

a photo of a full parking lot with a double rainbow over it

Parking Reform Will Save the City

Cities that require builders to provide off-street parking trigger more traffic, sprawl, and housing unaffordability. But we can break the vicious cycle.   

Pete Buttigieg on the 'National Project' of Confronting Climate Change

The presidential candidate discusses his climate plan in an interview with CityLab and Climate Desk.

Mapping the Changing Colors of Fall Across the U.S.

Much of the country won’t see those vibrant oranges and reds until mid-October, which leaves plenty of time for leaf peepers to plan their autumn road trips.

What Can You Do to Protect North America’s Birds?

The continent has lost 3 billion birds since 1970. To help the remaining populations, choose safer windows, consider native plants instead of lawns, and keep your cat indoors.

Why Flood Victims Blame Their City, Not the Climate

Cities may struggle to gain support for climate action plans because they haven’t dealt with infrastructure issues that regularly afflict residents.

As Flooding Worsens, Home Buyouts Move at a Snail's Pace

A new report finds that it typically takes five years or longer to complete the buyout process, leaving homeowners of flooded properties in limbo.

Choked by Air Pollution, Krakow Bans Coal From Homes

In a city where coal and wood are commonly used to heat homes, forcing change is a meaningful step to help clear the air—but more challenges remain.

People walk along a new elevated park that winds through a historic urban area.

How to Build a New Park So Its Neighbors Benefit

A new report from UCLA and the University of Utah surveys strategies for “greening without gentrification.”

a photo of a man paddling his kayak down a flooded street in Charleston following Hurricane Dorian.

In Charleston, the Real Flooding Crisis Is Only Beginning

The historic South Carolina city escaped the worst of the latest storm, but rising seas and an aging drainage system may soon bring chronic inundation.

‘Travelers Like Me Are Loving the World to Death’

As a global climate crisis deepens, even professional travelers should cut back on their air miles.

What’s the Deal With AOC’s Retro-Style GND Posters?

Posters for the Green New Deal unveiled by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez strongly evoke a famous Depression-era federal art program.

a photo of an electric Safa Tempi mini-bus in Kathmandu, Nepal.

When Kathmandu Was ‘Shangri-La for Electric Vehicles’

For a brief moment in the 1990s, the Nepalese capital was at the vanguard of the zero-emission public transportation revolution. What happened?

Why Indonesia's Capital Move Has Environmentalists Worried

With Jakarta jammed and sinking, the Indonesian government has chosen Borneo as the site of its new capital, which it promises to make a “forest city.”

Can Solar Panels Handle the Heat of a Warming World?

High temperatures and humidity make solar panels less efficient. What does that mean for solar power as the climate changes?

Indian Cities Are Becoming Urban Heat Islands

The urban heat island effect is growing in large cities like Delhi and Mumbai, and will exacerbate the risks posed by heat waves.

Smoke from the fires hangs over Brazil.

Why the Amazon Is on Fire

The rash of wildfires now consuming the Amazon rainforest can be blamed on a host of human factors, from climate change to deforestation to Brazilian politics.

Fishing boats, with high rises on the banks and a mosque in the distance.

Will Sea-Level Rise Claim Egypt’s Second-Largest City?

Al-Max village in Alexandria was ruined by floods in 2015. Yet, despite climate change’s growing threat to the city, critics say it has scarcely been addressed.

A boy and three women carry flats of bottled water away from a municipal building.

Will Another U.S. City Emerge As the ‘Next Flint’?

It’s becoming clear that the problem of lead in Americans’ drinking water extends well beyond Flint.