A surfer rides the waves under a hot, setting sun.

Climate Change May Cause 26,000 More U.S. Suicides by 2050

Unusually hot days have profound effects on mental health and human physiology.

Flood waters rise to the doors of historic buildings in Baltimore.

Baltimore Is Suing Big Oil

With lawsuits against 26 companies, the city joins other U.S. cities and states that have gone to court for climate reparations.

A man pushes his bike under trees with yellow leaves.

Sweden Will Meet Its 2030 Green Energy Target 12 Years Early

The huge wind-power push could still cause growing pains.

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Ozone Levels in Many U.S. National Parks Are Similar to Those in Large Cities

Even in Big Sky Country, you can’t escape from air pollution.

Toxic algae collects at a dam on a river in Florida.

Can Florida’s Toxic Algae Be Stopped?

The algae blooms pose risks to humans and marine animals—and to Florida’s tourism-dependent economy.

Don’t Throw It Away—Take It to the Repair Cafe

This series of workshops aims to keep broken items out of the landfill, and it might help you save a few bucks, too.

A view of Washington Square Park in New York with tall buildings beyond

Why New York City Is Reporting Its Sustainability Progress to the UN

So far, it’s the only city in the world to publish a review of its progress toward the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A birdhouse hangs from a tree branch near traffic signs in central Madrid.

Bugs and Birds: New Residents of a Greener Madrid

Since 2015, Madrid’s government has been trying to increase the city’s biodiversity. Hundreds of birdhouses and “insect hotels” around the city seem to be working.

A man sits at an outdoor table at a McDonald's restaurant, next to a sign urging water conservation.

How Cape Town Got to the Brink of Water Catastrophe

And how it stepped back, just in time.

A pack of cyclists fills a country road during a race.

What Footage of a Bike Race Can Tell Us About Climate Change

Never mind who’s winning—keep an eye on the trees and shrubs.

A woman displays a small sensing device and a smartphone with a pollution app.

Cheap Sensors Are Democratizing Air-Quality Data

A new generation of inexpensive, portable air-quality sensors is making it easier for citizen groups and individuals to monitor the air around them.

A man shelters from the rain at a bus stop.

‘Climate Gentrification’ Will Deepen Urban Inequality

A new study investigates the intersection of climate change and real estate, and finds that higher elevations bring higher values.

In East Chicago, Indiana, where lead levels in the soil are high, EPA signs warn against contact with the dirt.

Lead's Other Toxic Toll: Fertility

New research sounds the alarm on how high levels of lead in topsoil can reduce birth rates.

A Frightening New Reason to Worry About Air Pollution

A massive study solidifies the link between particulates from cars and diabetes.

Facing Wildfire Threats, Cities Ditch Fireworks for Drones on July 4th

Can the high-tech alternative deliver the same kind of boom?

People watch a fireworks show at night.

The Spike in Air Pollution From July 4 Fireworks, Visualized

There will be more than 16,000 fireworks displays across the U.S. this Fourth of July—enough to register a dramatic (if temporary) effect on air quality.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Have the Most Ambitious Climate Plan in Congress

The left-wing newcomer who pulled off an upset in New York—and who is likely to win her district in November—wants aggressive action to counter climate change.

Before it closed in 2011, Ford's Twin Cities Assembly Plant churned out millions of vehicles. It's now set to become a "net-zero" mixed-use development.

How an Ambitious Minnesota Eco-Project Became a Density Battleground

A century ago, Henry Ford saw this corner of St. Paul as a good place to build cars. Now it’s slated to become a green neighborhood that won’t need them.

A line of wind turbines in the water

Denmark’s Carbon Footprint Is Set to Rise Sharply

Blame Google, Facebook, and Apple.

The head of a cobra

When There’s a Snake in the House, These Guys Can Help

In the Indian city of Madurai, a volunteer group deals humanely with emergencies of the reptile kind.