a photo of a mother and son lining up for food at an evacuation center after losing their home in a wildfire

What the Camp Fire Revealed

Two months after disaster struck, the recovery in Paradise, California, is harder for some than for others.

A color-coded map of Chicago reveals disparities in pollution levels.

Mapping the Chicago Neighborhoods Most at Risk From Pollution

New research on municipal pollution may help organizers push for more equitable policy.

A bike path surrounded by trees facing a river and the Quebec City skyline

Quebec City’s Disappearing Agricultural Land

As agricultural areas are snatched up and transformed into new housing developments, one farmer keeps fighting.

Will Copenhagen’s Eco-Friendly Man-Made Islands Pay Off?

The Danish capital is expanding its land mass and creating climate resiliency. But is it sustainable?

The London Underground Has a Nasty Pollution Problem

Pollution in some Underground stations is up to 30 times worse than what you’d find on the average London street, a new Transport for London study shows.

An artist's rendering of a proposed "human composting" facility, with skylights, plants, and benches.

Could ‘Human Composting’ Mean a Better, Greener Death?

As Washington State considers legalizing human composting, advocate Katrina Spade explains the process as a needed alternative to standard burial and cremation.

Two men plant a young tree in a lot in Detroit.

Why Detroit Residents Pushed Back Against Tree-Planting

Detroiters were refusing city-sponsored “free trees.” A researcher found out the problem: She was the first person to ask them if they wanted them.

A woman, forced into the street by blocked sidewalks, pushes a stroller down a street in Boston.

Why Cities, Not Individuals, Should Clear Snow From Sidewalks

Most U.S. cities leave the responsibility of sidewalk snow removal to homeowners, landlords, and businesses. The result: endangered pedestrians.

Men in reflective vests carry trash away from a historic site in Philadelphia.

National Parks Get Some Volunteer Love During Government Shutdown

With National Park Service employees furloughed and trash mounting, cleaning up “helped me feel like I was doing as much as I could,” said one volunteer.

An animated world map shows dramatic changes in land use from 1700 to 2000.

How 300 Years of Urbanization and Farming Transformed the Planet

Three centuries ago, humans were intensely using just around 5 percent of the Earth’s land. Now, it’s almost half.

Tall, arching ficus trees line a busy boulevard in Tel Aviv.

Can Tel Aviv's Iconic Trees and Its New Light Rail Coexist?

Construction of a new light-rail system could uproot trees that activists say help define the Israeli city.

A smartphone displays an earthquake-alert map of Los Angeles.

L.A.’s Public Earthquake-Warning App Is the First in the U.S.

ShakeAlertLA aims to give smartphone users a few seconds’ warning of imminent quakes.

A man shows off his garden, designed to use less water, in front of his home in Santa Rosa, California.

California Moves, Haltingly, Toward a Post-Lawn Future

The last, severe drought caused many Californians to rip out their lawns, but some now believe the emergency is over.

A photo of a moose crossing Westpark Drive in Anchorage, Alaska

It’s Time to Start Eating Roadkill

Alaskans are eager to salvage meat from deer and moose struck by vehicles. Why won’t it catch on in the Lower 48?

A photo of a child waving home-made flags during a rally by youth activists and others in support of a high-profile climate change lawsuit in Seattle..

The Year of the Affected Generation

On issues like climate change and gun violence, younger people demanded a louder voice in 2018.

A driver in a small red car leaves a parking lot in Oslo reserved for electric vehicles.

Will Norway’s Electric-Vehicle Boom Outlast Its Incentives?

Norway is the world’s biggest per-capita market for electric vehicles, but incentives are being clawed back as Oslo aims to go car-free.

a photo of clouds hanging over the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Inside the Bill That Set the ‘Strongest Clean Energy Requirement in the Nation’

Washington, D.C. is on track to set a more ambitious timeline for fighting climate change than any state.

A map of Baltimore and its surrounding leafy suburbs.

Every Tree in the City, Mapped

Researchers at Descartes Labs are using artificial intelligence to make a better map of the urban tree canopy.

A cyclist passes the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

2018 Was the Year of Europe’s War on Cars

From Paris to Madrid, efforts to curb the use of automobiles formed a battleground across Europe.

Close-up of bees on a honeycomb.

Why Valencia, Spain, Has More Bees Than People

The Spanish city has pioneered bee-friendly policies amid a decline in the global bee population.