A student is pictured using his mobile phone.

Could You Live Entirely on Mobile Internet? Try It for a Day

Millions of Americans lack high-speed internet at home and have to rely on smartphones to connect. The MobileOnly Challenge asks more people to understand how limiting that can be.

National Guardsmen face off against demonstrators in Chicago in 1968.

When the Army Planned for a Fight in U.S. Cities

In 1968, one retired colonel warned that urban insurrections could produce “scenes of destruction approaching those of Stalingrad.”

Why Make Daycare Workers Go Back to School?

In an effort to improve outcomes for kids, education wonks are making life harder for workers who rely on daycare employment.

Police cars outside the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City

The Great Crime Decline and the Comeback of Cities

Patrick Sharkey, author of Uneasy Peace, talks to CityLab about how the drop in crime has transformed American cities.

Salvadorans in L.A. Brace for Change

Revoking immigration protections on L.A.’s TPS holders could have a dramatic impact on the city’s workforce, communities, and neighborhoods.

What Could Happen to Washington's Salvadoran Strongholds

Washington, D.C., has the largest number of Salvadorans who face an imminent fear of deportation from Donald Trump’s new immigration policy. But long before Trump’s announcement, other forces were driving them out of the city.

People walk through a crosswalk.

Great Cities Enable You to Live Longer

Dense, well-educated, immigrant-friendly cities boost longevity—especially for the low-income.

The White House is seen reflected during a rainy day in Washington, D.C.

The City That 'This Town' Forgot

Washington, D.C., is home to a huge concentration of reporters. Why do they miss the stories happening in their own city?

Why Washington, D.C. Is Leading the Way on Partnering With the Private Sector

President Donald Trump has soured on public-private partnerships to achieve his infrastructure plan. But in his own backyard, the city is doubling down on collaborations that defy the typical stereotypes.

1970s apartment complex in downtown Buffalo

The Last Man Standing in a Doomed Buffalo Housing Complex

After a long fight between tenants and management, John Schmidt is waiting for U.S. Marshals to drag him out of Shoreline apartments, a Brutalist project designed by Paul Rudolph.

A State Capitol police officer stands watch outside the North Carolina Legislature in Raleigh, N.C.

How Gerrymandering Silenced North Carolina's Cities

"Packing" and "cracking" voters boosted the GOP and muted urban voices. Now federal judges have struck down the latest redistricting plan.

The MLK Murals of America

Portraits of the slain civil rights leader captured over time give us a view of history from neighborhoods that often go unrecorded.

How Cities Can Take a Stand on Cannabis

With a recent policy change from Jeff Sessions, localities may again be more vulnerable to federal crackdowns. But some of the pioneers of pot legalization have been through this before.

Black Urban Design in a 'Changing America'

"The city is the black man's land," reads one capsule in an exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. Its curator explains why design is a critical part of the post-1968 urban and suburban landscape—and the museum itself.

What Does Marijuana Justice Actually Look Like?

Senator Cory Booker’s bill to legalize marijuana is pretty ambitious, but not ambitious enough, says Harvard Law Review.

Students sit in a library of UGent, Ghent University.

Is Your Librarian Racist?

Findings from a new study indicate that “black-sounding” names are less likely to get a reply from public service providers.

Is School-Discipline Reform Moving Too Fast?

In some districts, efforts to curb suspensions result in rushed solutions and even a loss of teachers.

What Happened to Crime in Camden?

Often ranked as one of the deadliest cities in America, Camden, New Jersey, ended 2017 with its lowest homicide rate since the 1980s.

The Rise of the Prefab Prison

Repurposed shipping containers and semi-trailers are finding a new life—as jails.

How to Create More and Better Jobs

A new report details strategies and lessons from the U.K.

When a Tech Giant Plays Waterfront Developer

A "smart city" in Toronto might be a smart real-estate play for Sidewalk Labs. And for the public?