Attorney General's Civil Asset Forfeiture Orders Are 'Irrelevant' in Philadelphia

Jeff Sessions has ordered prosecutors to continue seizing property from suspects, even if they haven’t been charged with a crime, to help finance law enforcement practices. Philadelphia is moving in the opposite direction.

An illustration of a grid of canned food

What's the Matter With Little Free Food Pantries?

They highlight food insecurity, without doing much to take a bite out of it.

Young people sit on the stairs next to the Roma bostan to take in the view.

Making Room for Nature in Erdogan's Istanbul

Its former mayor—now Turkey’s authoritarian president—said the Gezi Park protests of 2013 were merely “for the sake of a few trees.” Today, activists are struggling to preserve green space against a sea of government-supported construction.

How Venice Beach Became a Neighborhood for the Wealthy

And what that means for affordable housing across the country.

Why Some Women Don't Actually Have Privacy Rights

A law professor explores the reasons why women who need government assistance are forced to divulge intimate details of their lives.

Rolls of "I voted" stickers for the city of Denver

The Strange Phenomenon of Voter Self-Suppression

As a Trump-commissioned panel searches for phantom fraud, its requests for data have convinced some citizens to opt out of their right to vote preemptively.

Boston City Government Has A Racial Pay Disparity Problem

There is a significant gap in the earnings of white employees and people of color. A new racial equity strategy for the city plans to correct that.

A person walks past a storefront with a sign in the window reading "We Are All One"

How Can Small Businesses Create Safer Communities?

A local coalition is training Oakland’s brick-and-mortar employees in everything from de-escalation tactics to emergency medical care.

The Great Minimum Wage Debate

The minimum wage is way too low in most places, but a bit too high in a few

Too Many People Are Calling 911. Here's a Better Way.

Memphis is working on an alternative for the expensive “you-call, we-haul” approach.

Uber drivers sit in their cars waiting for passengers.

What Uber Drivers Say About Uber

Researchers conducted in-depth interviews and discovered a lot about the pitfalls of working in the rideshare business.

A Lawyer’s Playbook to Fight State Preemption

How can blue cities fight back against red states? Here are four lines of defense.  

A man climbs on a garbage dump in a wooded area

How Unemployment Feeds the Opioid Epidemic

Several studies suggest the drug crisis might be at least partly the result of widespread joblessness.

How Cities Are Making the Global Housing Crisis Worse

Cities are falling back into some bad housing policy habits. We’ve learned this lesson before.

Lab Report: The Cleveland Clinic's Unhealthy Community Relations

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Ashton Kutcher is interrupted by am Airbnb protester at a panel in Los Angeles.

Why the Airbnb Civil Rights Settlement Matters

We now have a foundation to work from on how to remedy racial discrimination in the sharing economy.

People hold Canadian flags with hockey sticks from inside a car during the East York Toronto Canada Day parade, as the country marks its 150th anniversary

Why Canada Is Able to Do Things Better

Most of the country understands that when it comes to government, you pay for what you get.

Police tape closing a street near a public school.

How to Make a Safer School

Groups are pushing for funding to bolster security infrastructure; some researchers say there are better preemptive measures.

A tiny-house prototype in Baltimore

Tiny Homes Are Baby Steps Toward Reversing the Housing Crisis

A Baltimore nonprofit is pinning a lot of hopes on a small footprint.

An abandoned car dealership in Queens, New York

Poverty Still Isn't As Suburban As You Think

Yes, there’s need everywhere. But we shouldn’t lose sight of the pernicious dangers of urban poverty, in particular.

A woman walks down a flooded sidewalk in knee-high water

The Cities Poised to Face Massive Flooding in the Not-So-Distant Future

“We have time to respond. We must use it wisely.”