A pedestrian wearing a protective face mask walks past a boarded up building in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. Governors from coast to coast Friday told Americans not to leave home except for dire circumstances and ordered nonessential business to shut their doors.

The Geography of Coronavirus

What do we know so far about the types of places that are more susceptible to the spread of Covid-19? In the U.S., density is just the beginning of the story.

A State Besieged by Coronavirus Asks Police to Slow Arrests

Despite Covid-19’s spread in New Orleans, police have recently increased arrests for nonviolent crimes. Louisiana’s top court could put a stop to that.

The Great Global Child Care Crisis

What's a parent to do when all of the schools and daycares suddenly close? For some workers in some places, options are starting to emerge.

photo: empty streets of New Orleans

City Leaders Rally Around a Fix: Cancel the Rent

To prevent a housing disaster, leaders in nine U.S. cities called on state and federal officials to give more support to tenants as the Covid-19 crisis deepens.

photo: a mix of vacant and inhabited homes in Detroit.

Another Way Cities Can Protect Homeowners: End Tax Sales

Auctioning homes over unpaid taxes only makes racial and income inequities worse. The coronavirus crisis offers a good time to halt the practice, permanently.

The Problem With a Coronavirus Rent Strike

Because of coronavirus, millions of tenants won’t be able to write rent checks. But calls for a rent holiday often ignore the longer-term economic effects.

Send Us Your Questions About the Rent, Evictions, and Your Rights

Hey renters, homeowners, landlords, and others: What do you want to know about housing rights and resources during the Covid-19 crisis? Answer our brief survey.

Black Businesses Left Behind in Covid-19 Relief

The latest U.S. coronavirus aid package promises a partial and uneven economic recovery that leaves behind the African American community.

photo: Former HUD secretary Julián Castro

How to Head Off a Coronavirus Housing Crisis

Former HUD secretary and presidential candidate Julián Castro has ideas for state and federal leaders on protecting vulnerable renters from a housing disaster.

The Last Daycares Standing

In places where most child cares and schools have closed, in-home family daycares that remain open aren’t seeing the demand  — or the support — they expected.

photo: A coronavirus testing site in New Jersey

The NIMBYs of the Coronavirus Crisis

Why would residents block a Covid-19 testing site? For the same reason many oppose other forms of neighborhood change: a desire to shift the burden elsewhere.

We'll Need To Reopen Our Cities. But Not Without Making Changes First.

We must prepare for a protracted battle with coronavirus. But there are changes we can make now to prepare locked-down cities for what’s next.

photo: Atlanta's East Lake Meadows housing project, which opened in 1970

‘East Lake Meadows’ Isn’t Just a Public Housing Tragedy

The new PBS documentary film from Sarah Burns and David McMahon chronicles the fall of an Atlanta housing project through the residents who once called it home.

photo: a For Rent sign in a window in San Francisco.

Do Landlords Deserve a Coronavirus Bailout, Too?

Some renters and homeowners are getting financial assistance during the economic disruption from the coronavirus pandemic. What about landlords?

A Green Stimulus Plan for a Post-Coronavirus Economy

A group of U.S. economists, academics and policymakers say the Covid-19 pandemic is an opportunity to fix the economy — and the planet — for the long term.

photo: an Uber vehicle in Miami

The Human Cost of Calling an Uber Right Now

Uber and Lyft drivers risk Covid-19 infections to shuttle doctors and vulnerable people around. Can they get the same job protections as other frontline workers?

photo: a bus shelter in San Francisco during the Covid-19 pandemic

In Coronavirus, the U.S. Faces a Problem It Can’t Fix by Segregation

For decades, the U.S. has used spatial barricades to isolate advantaged people from serious social ills. To defeat Covid-19, that won’t work.

photo: an empty street in NYC

What a Coronavirus Recovery Could Look Like

Urban resilience expert Michael Berkowitz shares ideas about how U.S. cities can come back stronger from the social and economic disruption of coronavirus.

Where Inmates Are Getting Bailed Out in the Coronavirus Crisis

Dozens of cities and counties are releasing inmates to lower the risk of a Covid-19 outbreak. But some notable ones are holding out.

Coronavirus Exposes How Bad America’s Homework Gap Really Is

With almost 44 million American kids out of school, teachers want to turn to online learning — but not everyone can log on.

No, Coronavirus Is Not ‘Just Killing Old People’

There are reasons why so many younger — and older — adults ignore public health warnings about Covid-19, says geriatrician Louise Aronson.