That's the cost of securing an Occupy protest of 10 in the swanky town of Darien, Connecticut 

It's not often the 1 percent become the 99 percent. But that's what happened in Darien, Connecticut. Darien, by some measures the richest town in Connecticut, played host to a ten-person Occupy protest today.

"It makes sense to protest here against the extreme concentration of wealth, where the wealth is most concentrated," Bennett Weiss, an Occupy-hopper from upstate New York, told the Daily Darien. Weiss came prepared with buttons. Others gave speeches. One person held a sign extolling the virtues of ending the wars and taxing the rich.

It was an unusual sight in Darien, a town of 20,000 not often in communion with the likes of Oakland and Portland. 

But just like those towns, in the run-up to the event there was a skirmish between a protester and the police. Occupy organizer Margaret Rague, 61, was arrested in early December. Police say she was intoxicated and blocking traffic. Rague alleged "false arrest" and charged the police with "brutality" for taking her fingerprints and asking for her name.

"Right now, I'm suffering post-traumatic stress syndrome," she told the Darien Patch

Town officials said the police will pay $10,000 in overtime for police to staff the event. Darien police Capt. Frederick W. Komm said he is preparing for "the worst-case scenario." The price tag seemed exorbitant to some Darienites, who voiced their dictate for the movement in comment threads of local blogs and news outlets.

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