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Gender Imbalance of the Day: Women Live Alone More Often Than Men

In America, 56 percent of single households are made up of women.

Four million more women live alone than men, according to an article in Fortune by sociologist Eric Klinenberg. Klinenberg's latest piece explores single living in America (as does his recent book Going Solo).

In cities, where people have always lived alone, this isn't news. Over at Atlantic Cities, we've documented a more recent recession-era trend of people "doubling up," or sharing homes to save money. There's also evidence that 20-somethings - the so-called boomerang generation - are living at home longer nowadays.

But the piece serves as a good reminder that single living is alive and well. Klinenberg writes that 28 percent of Americans live in households with just one person. As you'd guess, the rate in cities is much higher - 40 percent of households have just one occupant in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Denver, St. Louis and Seattle. Almost half of all Manhattanites live alone.

Still, I'm curious about the gender imbalance - why more single-living women than men?

Photo credit: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

About the Author

  • Amanda Erickson is a former senior associate editor at CityLab.