@Sheboyganscan posts shocking, head-scratching and zen tweets from the Wisconsin city's police scanner.

As chronicled on this site, Sheboygan is quite the colorful city. More evidence of that fact comes today courtesy of Jon Hendren, a writer who helms the "Twitter Tuesday" feature at SomethingAwful. Hendren has compiled a wonderful compendium of shocking, head-scratching and just plain zen tweets from @sheboyganscan, an anonymous Good Samaritan who monitors the police scanner in Sheboygan.

Sheboyganscan, who did not respond to a request to comment, must enjoy immense job satisfaction given what's broadcast over the airwaves in this Wisconsin burg. With a dry wit and an eye for the absurd, the writer reveals the crime-and raccoon-infested underbelly of Sheboygan bit by lovely bit. The city seems locked in a state of surreal emergency; below, find some of the more unusual calls for police assistance in the past few weeks. (Big hat tip for finding this guy goes to Hendren. Follow him.)

Top image of a Wisconsin house on fire by Robert Terrell.

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