Typical signs of adulthood may have been delayed for some Millennials, but not this group. 

The Millennial generation may be coming of age amid the worst economic period since the Great Depression, but that doesn't mean they're lacking in ambition. With the traditional entry-level job market so bleak for so long, running for local office when you've barely finished college doesn't seem quite so crazy.

Below, meet some of the youngest mayors in the country, representing U.S. cities and towns with 10,000 people or more. Some show the hallmarks of their age (one is so young he still lives with his parents), some have a precocious streak (another started a technology company at 15), and all have ambitious ideas.

Update: In the original slideshow we overlooked Mayor Peter Buttigieg, from South Bend, Indiana. He is included in the updated slideshow. Thanks to @MICDdotORG for the tip.

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