Local vendors will replace the embattled Olympics security company at soccer venue St. James' Park.

Embattled private security company G4S has officially been shown the door at at least one Olympics facility.

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The 500 necessary security personnel for St. James' Park in Newcastle will now be provided by local firms for the nine soccer matches scheduled at the stadium during the 2012 Games.

G4S, which experienced staff shortages in Manchester last week, confirmed the change in plans. According to a BBC report, the security company will still be responsible for guarding hotels and training grounds that the players will use while in Newcastle.

Earlier this month G4S acknowledged it would not be able to provide enough security personnel for all Olympics venues. Thousands of British soldiers have since been called up to meet the demand.

The government's crisis committee met earlier in the day at the request of Prime Minister David Cameron. In the meeting, Home Secretary Theresa May reportedly referred to Olympics security plans as "robust" despite the unexpected failings of G4S.

The first Olympic soccer match at the Newcastle stadium will take place on Thursday.

Top image of St. James' Park courtesy Flickr user Akuppa

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