The mayor discusses the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

From the Aspen Ideas Festival, Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans talks about the challenges facing his city in the coming years.

In the seven years since Hurricane Katrina, recovery has progressed in fits and starts. While the city has seen record levels of tourism and is scheduled to host a number of high-profile events, like Superbowl XLVII in February 2013, the Lower Ninth Ward has become a sort of overgrown wasteland and murder rates have remained a problem.

Landrieu, a former Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana who was elected mayor in 2010, finds reason to be optimistic. He says that the rebuilding process after Hurricane Katrina allowed the city to think anew about topics like education and healthcare. In the long term, he says, environmental issues like coastal land loss will prove the greatest concern.

This video is part of a new series on the Atlantic Video channel, The Future of X, looking at what's on the horizon for culture, technology, business, and politics.

Top image: Leon Ritter/Shutterstock.

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