At least eight were killed in the explosion.

For the first time since 2008, a car bomb exploded in Central Beirut today. At least eight people were killed and scores were injured in the blast, which is linked to the continued violence in Syria. The street where the bomb exploded houses the offices of the Christian Phalange party, an anti-Syrian political group.

According to The Atlantic Wire:

No one has claimed responsibility for the blast that blew up several other cars parked in a narrow street and wounded dozen of bystanders. Several eyewitness were on the scene recording and posting numerous images of the carnage, some which you can see at (Fair Warning: A few of the pictures are bloody and quite graphic.)

Below, photos of the aftermath of the attack.

Investigators work at the site of an explosion in the Ashrafiyeh district, central Beirut. (Ahmed Jadallah/Reuters)

Relatives comfort a wounded woman at the site of an explosion in Ashafriyeh, central Beirut. (Hasan Shaaban/Reuters)
Lebanese soldiers secure the area after an explosion in Ashafriyeh, central Beirut. (Mahmoud Kheir/Reuters)
Lebanese Red Cross and civil defense personnel work at the site of an explosion in the Ashafriyeh district, central Beirut. (Hussam Shebaro/Reuters)
Lebanese soldiers, along with security personnel, secure the area after an explosion hit the Ashrafiyeh district. (Hussam Shebaro/Reuters)

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