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Video of the Day: A Year of Fighting Fires in Detroit

In Highland Park, Michigan, a fireman records his work.

Wearing a camera on your head to work, every day, all year, seems like a recipe for what might be the longest and most boring video ever made.

But not in some lines of work.

Scott Ziegler, a fireman from Highland Park, Michigan, a small city within the Detroit city limits, used a helmet-mounted camera to film a year on the job. "This video is to show people what it is like to fight fires, and what firefighters across the nation do every day," he writes. "The more people who realize, the better it will be for our profession."

The film is over eight minutes long and features a soundtrack by Eminem (who grew up nearby). The craziest part, given the number of fires, is that Highland Park is very, very small -- only 2.9 square miles.

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