Participants in the 2013 Boston Marathon hailed from across the globe.

The runners of the 2013 Boston Marathon hailed from 71 different countries, making Monday's attack very much an international incident, regardless who may have been responsible. The map below, created with data via the Boston Marathon website, shows the concentration of participating runners by nationality. Yellow signals those countries with 10 or fewer runners, green for 11 to 100, light blue for 101 to 200, and dark blue for the three countries with the highest number of participants (United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States). These numbers reflect the countries of residence for those participants who actually started the race, not just those who entered. (The Boston Marathon's website has a complete list of each country's participants.)

  • Yellow: 1-10 participants started the race
  • Green: 11-100 participants started the race
  • Light Blue: 101-200 participants started the race
  • Blue: Over 200 participants started the race

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The United States by far had the most participants, with 19,399, followed by Canada with 1,785 and the U.K. with 246. But even though we don't yet know the identities of all the victims, we know that all of these countries are affected.

President Obama in a statement today classified the attack as an act of terrorism. This particular act was an attack on a global institution, making those two bombs, and the injury and fear stemming from them, an act of terrorism felt all over the world.

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