Mark Blinch/Reuters

But all is well, according to the embattled mayor.

The attrition at Toronto City Hall continued today, as two more staffers left Rob Ford's administration, bringing the refugee total to five.

All in all, it was not a great day for Mayor Ford. First there was a report in the morning's Toronto Star alleging that the mayor told aides "not to worry" about the crack tape, because he knew where it was, right down to the apartment numbers on Dixon Road. Then policy advisor Brian Johnson and executive assistant Kia Nejatian resigned.

But everything is just fine, the mayor assured reporters in an afternoon press conference. "I've always said to my staff, 'If a better opportunity arises, take it!'" He then brushed aside questions about drugs, videos, and Anthony Smith with the refrain, "Anything else?"

And he will be running for a second term next year.

Top image: Ford with departing staffer Brian Johnson. Mark Blinch/Reuters.

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