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San Francisco's Fluctuating Rent Looks an Awful Lot Like the NASDAQ

A startling chart of the booms and busts of office space.

Tech investor Bill Gurley posted this striking graph on Twitter last night tracking the rise and fall of the NASDAQ Index alongside office building rental rates (in price per square foot) in the city that's been most closely linked to the booms and busts of the tech industry:

As Gurley suggests, you could probably draw similar correlations between the NASDAQ and plenty of other indicators in American life, from San Francisco or elsewhere. But this one chart neatly illustrates a trend that lately parallels what's happened to the city's residential real estate in the midst of a second tech boom.

About the Author

  • Emily Badger is a former staff writer at CityLab. Her work has previously appeared in Pacific StandardGOODThe Christian Science Monitor, and The New York Times. She lives in the Washington, D.C. area.