He was inspired to paint the New York piece after realizing “Trump kinda rhymes with dump.”

It takes a real portrait artist to capture not the likeness, but the soul. Hanksy has done just that with this new mural of Donald Trump, showing the fatuous GOP candidate as a big ol’ pile of poo.

Hanksy tweets he was inspired to paint the New York piece after realizing “Trump kinda rhymes with dump.” (“So does ‘rump,’” adds one of his fans. “You could paint him as a big ass.”) Here’s hoping it’s in a location that allows the Donald to see it whenever he visits town.

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The crappy composition is a bit of a turn for Hanksy, whose previous project was making Trump election posters. The real-estate mogul’s reputation among Latinos is so far down the toilet it’s practically in China, so the artist tried to help with this festive, Mexico-friendly message. (The Spanish translates to “You’re hired!”)

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