A new way to discourage jaywalking?

Cheers to vandals for actually strengthening the “Don’t Walk” message into “F— You, Don’t Walk!

At least two such signals have appeared in Houston, drawing laughter and outrage, depending on people’s appreciation for juvenile humor. Some person achieved the bird-flipping effect by blacking out all the fingers but the middle one. (An unblurred photo is available on Reddit.)

Certain folks are outraged because the signals are near kids, reports ABC 13:

One altered sign stands near Leeland and Lockwood. It’s feet from a daycare center and just blocks from multiple schools. Eyewitness News crews saw many children walking right by the obscene gesture….

Jordan Boykins, a student at the nearby Houston Community College, said the signs shouldn't be ignored.

“It needs to be changed. The city should have someone come out here and get it fixed immediately because there are children here,” Boykins said.

The city has restored at least one of the signals. A public-works representative told ABC 13 the department’s dealt with this specific defacement before, so the vandals get points for chutzpah, but maybe not for originality.

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