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A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Sanctuary Showdown: President Donald Trump's push to “defund sanctuary cities” could be escalating fast: Budget director Mick Mulvaney is asking Congress to include language in its next must-pass budget bill that would restrict federal funding for cities that don't enforce federal immigration policies. It’s an effort to lure the House Freedom Caucus into voting for the next budget—but it threatens to turn into another government shutdown. (Politico)

  • In other immigration-related news, a new report from Urban Land Institute finds that immigrants have been crucial for post-recession recovery of the U.S. housing market, and will play a driving role in real estate trends, especially in the ’burbs, over the next few decades. (Curbed)

The Third L.A.: With voters signaling a clear desire for change, Los Angeles appears on the verge of a major identity shift—centered on transit—that one scholar sees as the city’s third defining phase of its history. (New York Times)

“Divided States of America”: CityLab’s Richard Florida finds common ground with Joel Kotkin in a Daily Beast piece advocating for local governments to take the reins from the dysfunctional feds. At the local level, they write, “partisan differences are more muted and less visible, and … programs and policies can actually get things done.”

Rust Belt inspiration: The UK city of Preston is looking to “the Cleveland model” of the worker-owned cooperative as a successful example for building local wealth. (The Guardian)

Creative footprint: A new nonprofit initiative will be grading international cities on their music scenes, using data on venues, events, licensing opportunities, and government funding for music, among other qualifiers. In its first ranking, Berlin scores an 8.02 out of 10. (MixMag)

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