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A morning roundup of the day’s news.

“Summer of hell”: That’s New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s term for what New York City-area commuters should expect this summer, as he and Gov. Andrew Cuomo put together contingency plans for Amtrak’s emergency shutdown of Penn Station. Politico reports:

Couching their proposals in biting, and even personal criticism of leaders at Amtrak... the governors made only passing — and passive — reference to their states’ own often-criticized stewardship of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and NJ Transit, both of which have seen better days.

Work for it: President Trump’s budget proposal leaves an opening to introduce work requirements for people who receive federal housing subsidies. The New York Times explores how the work requirement idea hits straight to the core of liberal/conservative value divisions.

Healthy moves: A new study shows that blood pressure drops for black adults who move out of racially segregated neighborhoods, reducing the risk of heart attack and strokes. (Minn Post)

Winning parks: The Twin Cities have the best park systems in the nation, followed by San Francisco, according to the Trust for Public Land’s annual ParkScore. Last place: Indianapolis. (Pioneer Press, SF Chronicle)

Car-free zone: Bank junction, considered one of London’s most dangerous intersections, will be open only to buses, cyclists and pedestrians—no cars—through an 18-month experiment that emulates Times Square and the Left Bank. (Guardian)

• See also: New York City considers adding more bollards to Times Square and elsewhere, after the barriers played a role in hindering last week’s attack by car. (New York Times)

The next urban pest: That would be bobcats, whose numbers have tripled since the 1980s—as they make themselves at home in cities. Many states are considering hunting and trapping programs to help regulate populations. (AP)

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