An Emerging Coronavirus Concern: Eviction

For low-wage workers and cities, the real health emergency could be homelessness. So officials are advancing new proposals to temporarily halt evictions.

photo: A lab technician in Singapore

Why Aren’t Cities Widely Testing for Coronavirus?

Public health experts warn local efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19 require expanding the testing of residents. In the U.S., cities are falling short.

photo: a woman wearing a facemask on the DC Metro

Want to Avoid Coronavirus in the City? First, Stop Touching Stuff.

From subway straps to scooters, urban living is all about sharing stuff — and swapping germs. Here’s how to lower your risk of contracting Covid-19.

How Coronavirus Took Down SXSW

For Austin Mayor Steven Adler, the decision to call off the Texas capital’s signature music and film festival due to COVID-19 fears wasn’t an easy one.

However You Slice It, the Geographic Disparity in Tech Jobs Is Growing

The number of U.S. tech opportunities is increasing. But to stop their concentration in a few cities, some policy experts are now calling for government intervention.

After Tornado, Nashville Braces for Disaster Capitalism

In the wake of a severe tornado, local housing activists fear that a wave of speculators could prey on North Nashville’s vulnerable homeowners.

photo: strollers in Vienna

Is Vienna Really All That Livable? Depends on Where You Look.

A new report questions the methods used by the Economist Intelligence Unit to rank global cities, saying that environmental justice issues can get ignored.

The Endangered Black Bars of New Orleans

Photographer L. Kasimu Harris has been documenting the closures of African-American-owned bars in New Orleans. He fears that black culture is being erased along with them.

photo: A jobseeker holds an information packet during a U.S. Census Bureau 2020 job opportunities workshop in 2019.

The Census Bureau Wasn’t Counting on the Coronavirus

As census takers for the decennial survey prepare to knock on doors and count residents, anxieties about the spread of COVID-19 could hamper their efforts.

2020 Democratic Endorsement Tracker: Who Mayors Back for President

Mayoral endorsements have always played a role in presidential elections. But this year, the support of city leaders has been particularly prominent.

For Those Living in Public Housing, It’s a Long Way to Work

A new Urban Institute study measures the spatial mismatch between where job seekers live and employment opportunities.

Calling Out the Super Polluters

Just 100 industrial facilities are to blame for more than a third of U.S. toxic air emissions. A new report ranks the biggest offenders.

photo: House Majority Whip James Clyburn with former Vice President Joe Biden at the South Carolina Ministers' Breakfast in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Joe Biden, Gentrification Foe, Has a Housing Plan

Biden pledged to halt displacement during the South Carolina debate—a reflection of how critical housing is in a state with sky-high eviction rates.

photo: a man with a smartphone in front of a rental apartment building in Boston.

Landlords Are Using Next-Generation Eviction Tech

As tenant protections get stronger, corporate landlords use software to manage delinquent renters. But housing advocates see a tool for quicker evictions.

Why Black Businesses and Homeownership Won’t Close the Wealth Gap

Economic plans like Mike Bloomberg’s assume that boosting black homeownership and entrepreneurs will close racial wealth gaps. New research suggests it won’t.

photo: Cranes on the skyline in Oakland, California

How to Make a Housing Crisis

The new book Golden Gates details how California set itself up for its current affordability crunch—and how it can now help build a nationwide housing movement.

There Are Far More Americans Without Broadband Access than Previously Thought

The Federal Communications Commission says 21 million Americans lack high-speed internet access, but a new report says the actual figure is double that.

What Mike Bloomberg Got Wrong About Redlining and the Financial Crisis

Comments about New Deal-era housing discrimination made by presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg echo a familiar narrative about minority homeowners.

photo: New apartment buildings along the N. 30th Street corridor of North Omaha.

Nebraska’s Battle Over Single-Family Homes Is Not Much of a Battle

Housing costs are climbing in Omaha and Lincoln. Can the Cornhusker State legalize “missing middle” housing when coastal states have failed?

photo: a mounted police officer looks at his phone

Nextdoor Wants to Be a One-Stop Shop for Police

The neighborhood social network’s new app is aimed at public agencies, and it lets local law enforcement more easily tap into the online community.