The 4th Street bus terminal in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Getting Around the City With Kids, When Formal Transit Has Collapsed

In Harare, Zimbabwe, mothers going about daily tasks have few good options for travel. Here's how we make it work.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks to reporters outside her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, after she announced that she has formed an exploratory committee to consider running for president in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren’s Housing Crisis Plan Hints at Reparations

Warren’s American Housing and Economic Mobility Act appears to address historic racial redlining policies. Just don’t call it “reparations,” some experts say.

A resident of New York's high-rise housing project Co-op City looks out from his apartment balcony.

Co-op City: How New York Made Large-Scale Affordable Housing Work

The mega-complex of middle-income housing in the Bronx, which just turned 50, offers a (mostly) successful alternative to the speculative housing market.

A photo of a school classroom in Newark, New Jersey.

New Jersey Is Getting Sued Over School Segregation

Backed by a mix of civil rights groups, the suit represents a rare legal challenge: Since Brown v. Board of Education, most segregation cases have been decided in federal court.

People travel in a bus locally known as "car rapide" in Senegal's capital Dakar.

How to Push Kid-Friendly Transit in a Rapidly Urbanizing City

An advocate and mom in Dakar, Senegal, talks about elevating a child-focused policy agenda, in a city that’s still struggling with basic infrastructure.

a photo of commuters in a NYC subway during the morning rush hour.

The Many Ways to Fund New York City's Big Subway Fix

From congestion pricing to rezoning, there are all kinds of tools that could tap New York City’s vast wealth to properly maintain its transit system.

Kids at a daycare center in Quebec.

The Global Legacy of Quebec’s Subsidized Child Daycare

With more than two decades behind it, the Quebec program that spawned an affordable child care model has some lessons for the rest of the world.

A photo of an E.U. flag mural attributed to the artist Banksy in the British port of Dover in December 2018.

Britain’s Big Border Fight Is All About the English Channel

In advance of “No Deal Brexit,” Britain’s watery southern border has been consumed by a weird shipping scandal and fear of a (nonexistent) tide of migrants.

A photo of Zavian Tate, a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, pushing a large Amazon Dash button, in Birmingham, Alabama, which submitted a bid for Amazon HQ2.

2018 Was the Year Cities Trusted Amazon

After 14 months, Amazon’s HQ2 hunt ended with a split decision in Washington, D.C. and New York City. What did we learn?

Demonstrators outside of the U.S. Capitol during a Poor People's Campaign rally.

Progressive Populism Roared Back In 2018

Populism was reclaimed by American progressives, as citizen-initiated ballot measures and a Poor People’s Campaign took aim at poverty and voter suppression.

A photo of a child waving home-made flags during a rally by youth activists and others in support of a high-profile climate change lawsuit in Seattle..

The Year of the Affected Generation

On issues like climate change and gun violence, younger people demanded a louder voice in 2018.

A photo of marchers in Memphis commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 2018.

2018 Was Just 1968 All Over Again

Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King was assassinated. But the racist housing and policing policies he was fighting are still with us.

Beds in the West Wing homeless shelter at the King County Jail in Seattle, Washington.

When a Jail Becomes a Homeless Shelter

King County, Washington’s plan stoked concerns about the link between homelessness and incarceration. Local leaders say they have a moral obligation to do what they can.

A photo of a dense multifamily apartment building near the Number 7 subway stop in Long Island City in Queens, New York.

2018 Was the Year of the YIMBY

A milestone upzoning plan in Minneapolis capped a year that saw pro-housing forces duel NIMBYs in cities nationwide.

A photo of several people in a city starting at their smartphones.

2018 Was the Year of the Smart City Skeptic

Companies like Google, Uber, or Facebook aren’t built to fix society. That includes cities.

A photo of Baltimore police officer Eric Winston.

A Documentary Turns Its Lens to Baltimore’s Stoops and Cop Cars

Filmed in the years surrounding the killing of Freddie Gray, Marilyn Ness’s Charm City searches for signs of progress amidst pervasive pain and despair.

A shopper scans an Amazon Go app on a cellphone.

Who Wins When Cash Is No Longer King?

It won’t be the poor.

A diagram of the facial recognition doorbell from Amazon's patent application.

Who’s Afraid of Amazon’s Video Doorbell?

The tech company’s proposed facial-recognition camera system could be a civil libertarian’s nightmare.

A cyclist passes the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

2018 Was the Year of Europe’s War on Cars

From Paris to Madrid, efforts to curb the use of automobiles formed a battleground across Europe.

East Passyunk Manhole Cover

The Casual Racism of a Philadelphia Neighborhood’s Manhole Covers

Philadelphia’s East Passyunk Avenue teems with visitors to trendy shops and restaurants. Nobody can say when or why a stereotypical Native American image came to represent it.