The Urban-Rural Political Divide Is Growing

Votes in Virginia, Kentucky, and Mississippi all show how the suburbs are getting more Democratic, while rural areas get Republican.

Apple CEO Tim Cook (left) and California Governor Gavin Newsom look at a map of San Jose

What’s Missing From Apple’s $2.5 Billion Housing Plan

Apple is the latest tech giant to commit funds to California’s housing crisis. But experts say the largest barrier to housing is not money; it's political will.

How Airline Deregulation Fueled Regional Inequality in the U.S.

The concentration of airline service resulting from deregulation has tilted the economic playing field toward larger metropolitan areas.

The Wiyot tribe celebrates the land return in an October 21 ceremony.

This Land Is Your Land: A City Returns a Stolen Island to a Native Tribe

The Wiyot Tribe was driven from California’s Duluwat Island in 1860. After decades of lobbying by the tribe, the Eureka City Council returned it.

Photo: More than 120,000 enumerators gathered data for the 1940 census.

The Sum of All 2020 Census Fears

The 2020 count will be the first census to go online, and it faces many threats, from cyberattacks and scam artists to security fears and undercount risks.

Mitch Landrieu at a podium with people behind him.

What Mitch Landrieu Learned About Racism in the American South

The former New Orleans mayor’s report back from his 11-month tour of the South reveals that racism in the region might be deeper than he imagined.

Did Body Cameras Backfire?

Body cameras were supposed to fix a broken system. What happened?

Beirut’s Protest City Is a Rebuke to the Privatization of Public Space

Anti-government protesters set up a cooperative tent city in downtown Beirut, where a generation ago, redevelopment pushed out ordinary people.

The Hidden Problem Behind Maternal Mortality

Washington, D.C.’s maternal mortality rate is twice the national average. But the problem isn’t lack of insurance. At least in part, it’s implicit bias.

Topeka's mayor at CityLab DC.

The Fight Against Gun Violence Depends on Where You Live

In the face of federal inaction, mayors are increasingly trying gun policies that are tailored to their geography.

a street scene from Vienna, Austria

Secrets of the World’s Most Livable City

Viennese lawmaker Maria Vassilakou explains why the Austrian capital ranks so high on quality-of-life rankings, despite its rapidly growing population.

Amazon Is Building a Homeless Shelter in Seattle

Will the center for unsheltered families that Amazon is building in a corporate property help counter criticism that the company fuels the city’s homelessness?

The American System of Tipping Makes No Sense

If you want to understand how meritocracy acts as a cover for inequality, look no further than our broken understanding of gratuity.

CityLab's Brentin Mock talks to Beto O'Rourke in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Beto O’Rourke’s $1.5 Trillion Climate Plan Is Serious on Environmental Justice

In an interview with CityLab, the 2020 presidential candidate spells out a climate policy that is overtly attentive to race.

A subway ticket office on fire.

Why Chile’s Massive Protests Started With a Subway Fare Hike

An estimated 1.2 million people gathered in Santiago Friday, in what has been called the largest protest in the nation's history. It all began with the Metro.

An Alabama fan celebrates during the first half of an NCAA college football game against Florida in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Inside the College Football Game-Day Housing Boom

Game-day housing demands are driving up rents, hollowing out neighborhoods, and stoking the real estate market for second homes aimed at alumni fans.

Red, yellow, and green lights on bridge with city in background.

Nashville Has the Most Kurds in the United States. And They’re Angry.

Trump’s withdrawal of troops from Northern Syria has angered Nashville’s large Kurdish community. They say the city, Republicans included, is supporting them.  

Minneapolis Saw That NIMBYism Has Victims

Single-family zoning hurts a lot of people. In Minnesota’s largest city, reformers put them front and center.

CityLab University: Tax Increment Financing

Behind the dry-as-dust name is a powerful (and controversial) tool for financing urban redevelopment. Here’s a quick guide to understanding TIF.

a photo of police and residents of Stockton, CA, in a trust-building workshop

A Police Department’s Difficult Assignment: Atonement

In Stockton, California, city and law enforcement leaders are attempting to build trust between police and communities of color. Why is this so hard to do?