The High Price of a Divided City

Who bears the economic burdens of segregation?

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The Push to Build More 'Granny Flats'

Vancouver leads North America in accessory dwelling units. To fight a shortage of affordable housing, some U.S. cities are following suit.  

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Madrid Wants Its Seniors to Find Roommates

To cut loneliness and costs, the Spanish capital region wants older citizens to move in together.

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Where the American Dream Lives and Dies

The urban-rural divide is real, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

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When Small Businesses Become a Gentrification Battleground

Recent fights over a puppet theater and a cake shop have Berliners asking: Who does the city belong to?

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How the World's First Cities Got Started

A 12,000-year-old “Stonehenge on steroids” transformed nomadic humans into members of complex societies.

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Trump's Budget: Expect Reagan-Era Levels of Homelessness

Deep cuts to HUD could exacerbate the nation’s already severe affordable housing crisis.

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Denver Battles With Its 'Fugly' New Housing

In the midst of its “Green Rush,” locals are increasingly frustrated with the architecture behind so many recent developments.


In Pricey Silicon Valley, Teachers Scramble for Housing

Thanks to astronomical housing prices, some are bunking with their parents or crashing on their friends’ couches.

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Mapping the Achievement Gap

A colorful dot map reveals the stark differences in educational levels across urban and rural areas—as well as the effects of racial segregation within cities.

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The 'House of the Future' Is a Shiny Rotating Blob

The off-the-grid solar home would imperceptibly spin on its central axis, providing fresh views with each season.

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Economically Diverse Neighborhoods Give Poor Black and Latino Youth a Leg Up

Recent research on a Denver public housing program has implications for housing policy.

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In New York, The Risk of Displacement Goes Far Beyond Brooklyn

Low-income residents are likely to be priced out of neighborhoods that stretch from New Brunswick, New Jersey, to New Haven, Connecticut.

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Dear Ben Carson: Start Making Sense

With major budget cuts looming for HUD, it’s time for the cabinet secretary to stand up for whatever it is he believes.

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Can D.C's Homeless Live in Discarded Subway Cars?

Visionary architect Arthur Cotton Moore’s latest idea: an affordable housing project built out of old Metro cars.

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The Steady Deconstruction of America's Cities

Peter Moskowitz’s new book on gentrification outlines how local governments cede their power over residents’ lives to private interests.

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Where Segregation Makes America's Housing Divide Worse

An analysis finds metros with more polarized housing values are also more segregated.

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11 Percent of Voters Decided the Future of Los Angeles

L.A. rejected Measure S, a moratorium on new housing construction, by big margins. But it should never have been put to voters in the first place.

Atlas of Another America: An Architectural Fiction / ...

What If McMansions Ruled the World?

In the new book Atlas of Another America, architect Keith Krumwiede mixes satire, sci-fi, and the sublime in his plans for utopian villages built out of suburban mega-homes.