Don't Take Out a Second Mortgage to Buy Bitcoin

According to regulator Joseph Borg, the bubble’s going to burst.

A row of sinks at Tacoma's Stability Site

Running Water Can Ease the Effects of Homelessness

Tacoma, Washington, found that giving homeless people access to running water improves their comfort, dignity, and health, while reducing local pollution.

Lab Report: Alabama's Cities Sealed Doug Jones's Senate Win

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

How Athens Confronted Government Distrust by Connecting Citizens to Each Other

After the Greek city’s financial crisis, disconnected private citizens drove much of the recovery. The SynAthina Platform connected these groups, says Athens Vice Mayor and founder Amalia Zeppo.

A mural at a restaurant in the Mexican Town district of Detroit

How Place Shapes Our Politics

Political scientist and author Ryan Enos explains how geography can sharpen political conflicts.

'Game of Thrones' Tourists Are Besieging Dubrovnik

The medieval city in Croatia is having a geek-culture moment as the setting for King’s Landing in the HBO series (not to mention the new Star Wars movie). But not everyone appreciates all the attention.

How a Bid for Amazon HQ2 Got Tangled Up in a Fight for LGBTQ Rights

Georgia’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act has been stalled for four years amid fears it will deter economic investment. Will Amazon finally kill it?

A distressed cartoon house on a overcrowded city street

Revisiting an Anti-Urban Children's Story Everyone Loves

If Robert McCloskey’s Make Way For Ducklings anticipated Jane Jacobs, Virginia Lee Burton’s The Little House lined up firmly with Lewis Mumford.

People dressed in costumes as Super Mario, super heroes and others drive custom built Go-Karts through a street in Tokyo.

Japan Asks Tourists to Buckle Up When Reenacting Mario Kart on City Streets

If you must dress up as Wario for a go-kart tour of Tokyo, please be safe.

Graffitti artist Anthony Arias works on a mural during Art Basel Miami Beach in 2014.

America’s Leading Art Hubs

Los Angeles has eclipsed New York City, and knowledge hubs like Austin have seen considerable growth in their numbers of working artists.

LA Weekly

What Happened to 'LA Weekly'?

Last week, the city’s award-winning alternative newspaper was purchased by a shadowy entity. Immediately, most of the staff was fired. Then things got weird.

Has the Google of South Korea Found a Way to Save Struggling News Outlets?

The nation’s dominant search engine has a model for benefiting local publications—but many are worried about its implications.

Google Street View Can Reveal How Your Neighborhood Votes

You can learn a lot about an area just from the cars parked on its streets.

A Filipino man pushes a box in a warehouse.

The Box That Brings Christmas to the Philippines

Each winter, balikbayan boxes—care packages from Filipinos living overseas—make the long journey home that their senders wish they could.

Travelers at an airport stand in lines marked "Premium" and "General Screening."

The Lines That Divide America

Americans are increasingly segregated by socioeconomic class—and have forgotten that all citizens deserve a shot at moving ahead.

A Solemn Memorial Sparks a Feud Between Sister Cities

San Francisco's new monument to "comfort women" has Osaka, Japan, threatening to end a decades-long relationship.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi during the 101st Calgary Stampede parade.

A Local Journalism Experiment Pops Up In Calgary

The Sprawl lived to cover a single mayoral race. Then it died.

Why We Blame Millennials For Everything

Malcolm Harris argues that grim realities are driving the disdain for Gen Y.