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The People Left Behind When Only the 'Deserving' Poor Get Help

Maine attached work requirements and time limits to its safety net, intensifying poverty in the state.

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Inclusive Prosperity Is Incredibly Rare

Just a handful of large metro areas have been able to spread economic gains across all classes and races. What’s their secret?

Alana Semuels/The Atlantic

The Vicious Cycle of the Retail Meltdown

As brick-and-mortar stores close, local governments in struggling regions lose much-needed tax revenues.

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Geographic Inequality Is Widening

Employment may have rebounded since the Great Recession, but the staggering regional gaps in both real wages and productivity are getting worse.

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San Francisco to Delivery Robots: Get Off the Damn Sidewalk

A city lawmaker has proposed legislation banning autonomous delivery-bots. But the battle over who gets to use the sidewalk may just be getting started.

Sam Hooper

Watch the Pacific Northwest Change Before Your Eyes

An award-winning visualization uses satellite imagery to reveal the ravages of development, fire, insects, and clear-cut logging.

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Behind the Black Architectural Resistance

In the early 1970s, Sharon Sutton got an Ivy League education at Columbia University—spurred by insurgency—that helped her become a leading African-American architect today.

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What If Bikes Ate Smog?

No, not metaphorically. We’re talking about sending fleets of bicycles with air filtration equipment into the streets to remove nasty airborne particles.


Should the Government Guarantee Everyone a Job?

An old idea for preventing poverty and fighting recessions is gaining traction once again.

Cubic Transportation Systems

To Ride the Subway of the Future, All You Need Is Your Face

Biometric markers could replace physical payment methods, speeding entry for passengers (and discouraging fare evaders). Is this awesome, or creepy? Or both?

Lab Report
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Lab Report: Can Government Keep Up With Technology?

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Open Agriculture Initiative, MIT Media Lab

Why High-Tech Urban Farms Won't Displace Community Gardens

To serve neighborhoods, they need to work together.

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When Artificial Intelligence Rules the City

An expert panel ponders how AI will change our lives.

Lab Report

Lab Report: Waymo, Lyft Team Up on Self-Driving Cars

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

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In the Future, We Will Paint By Drone

Finally, swarms of spray-painting drones can create street art.

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How Not To Prepare For the Self-Driving Revolution

While some states are tightening regulations on autonomous vehicles, others are eagerly courting them. What’s the smartest approach?

Mark Duncan/AP

The Wrong Way to Grow a City

A lesson from Cleveland: To avoid deepening inequality, prepare for economic growth before it starts.

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8 Bright Ideas for Driverless Cities

Could self-driving cars bring on more affordable housing? Should car companies slap a “warning label” on private autos? At a national summit of mobility leaders, some big thoughts came up.


New York City Seeks the 'Holy Grail' of Street Design

Why do some intersections have such high pedestrian injury rates? It’s not all about the number of cars.