One Small-Town Apothecary's Guide for Surviving the Eclipse

An act of natural wonder offers the possibility of insight—or doom. A Wyoming apothecary has celestial tourists covered.

Snap Map is pictured on a phone.

Snapchat's Foray Into the Future of Maps

The app’s newest feature combines two major trends in modern cartography: mapping life in real time, and mapping subjective, emotional information.

Communal space at classroom in Espoo, Finland.

Why Finland Is Embracing Open-Plan School Design

The country’s educational successes are undeniable, but simply demolishing school walls alone won’t necessarily replicate them.

Where Robots Are Doing Factory Jobs

Almost half are clustered in the Midwest and South.

Lab Report: How Can Cities Prevent Vehicular Terrorism?

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

The Presidio Terrace neighborhood

The Problem of Progressive Cities and the Property Tax

The news that a posh San Francisco street was sold for delinquent taxes exposes the deeper issue with America’s local revenue system.

Times Square, 1970.

The New York That Belonged to the City

Hyper-gentrification turned renegade Manhattan into plasticine playground. Can the city find its soul again?

A "Light Capsule" of an old advertisement.

Your City's 'Ghost Signs' Have Stories to Tell

The faded advertisements on old brick buildings often go unnoticed, and they’re disappearing fast. That’s why one artist is shining a light on just how much they tell us about a city’s history.

A homeless woman stands with her two dogs at her encampment.

Homemaking While Homeless

A recent book explores domesticity on the margins.

Vote for CityLab at the SXSW Cities Summit

We’ve got some great conversations in mind. To make them happen, we need your help!

Lab Report: The Drug That's Fueling Cities' Opioid Crisis

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Can Craft Breweries Transform America's Post-Industrial Neighborhoods?

A new study tells the story of craft beer’s astonishing rise and geographic clustering.

Lab Report: Cities Move to Eradicate Confederate Symbols

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Skyscrapers tower over Singapore's historic Chinatown.

How Do You Measure the Value of a Historic Site?

Debates over historic preservation often run into a problem: There’s plenty of data to support economic arguments, and much less to address questions of cultural value. A research team in Singapore wants to change that.

Silhouettes of people looking up at the night sky during a solar eclipse

Small Towns Prepare to Cash in for the Solar Eclipse

People are charging astronomical prices to rent out their homes for those chasing the moon’s shadow.

Lab Report: Charlottesville Mayor Rises as Anti-Trump Voice

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Flowers left at a makeshift memorial in Charlottesville.

Why Charlottesville?

The university town was once named “the happiest city in America.” More and more, though, it’s the setting for hatred.

A Gathering of the Zines

An annual festival in D.C. makes it easy for zinesters from different cities to find new ideas and each other.

Are Angry Fairies Sabotaging an Irish Highway?

Probably not. But a story about vengeful spirits and a colorful local politician speaks to the Irish struggle over history and modernity.

An illustration of a dog is pictured.

Curbing Your Dog, All Around the World

This blogger has the inside scoop on cities’ cheekiest signs.

The 'Unseen Citizens' of Amsterdam

For centuries, pets have lived alongside humans in the Dutch capital, but there’s no official record of them. One photographer set out to change that.