A waitress sleeps as she take a break at a restaurant located in the Pudong financial district of Shanghai in 2013.

Can’t Sleep? Maybe It's Your Neighborhood

Your feelings about your surroundings affect how well you snooze, according to new research.

A Syrian refugee holds her child as she begs on the streets of Beirut.

The Social Ties Urban Refugees Need

To make a good life in a new city, recent research stresses that refugees must connect with those outside their national or ethnic group.

Tomatoes, scallions, asparagus, and other vegetables spread out on a table

For Peak Happiness, Spend Money to Save Time

A study suggests time-saving services like meal delivery and housekeepers boost life satisfaction—for the purchaser, of course.

NYC Has More Artists Than Ever

But artists are being pushed out of some of the city’s long-standing creative neighborhoods.

A doctor checks a patient's blood pressure.

Lab Report: U.S. Mayors Want Single-Payer Health Care

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

In this July 26, 1967 file photo, an Army soldier stands guard as men captured in the vicinity of the 10th Police Precinct in Detroit peer from under a garage door awaiting transfer.

Revisiting the Detroit Uprising, 50 Years Later

A new exhibition at the Detroit Historical Museum charts the complicated course of life in the city before and after July 1967.

An empty storefront on a sidewalk with a "retail space for lease" sign in the window

How Cities Can Save Small Shops

Some places are already taking action, but New York City is lagging behind. Here’s a blueprint for keeping local retail healthy.

Lab Report: The Detroit Riots, 50 Years Later

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Tapas and beers are served at a restaurant in the Andalusian capital of Seville, southern Spain

What We Got Wrong About Spanish Lunch Breaks

In Spain, time is complicated.

A person walks past a storefront with a sign in the window reading "We Are All One"

How Can Small Businesses Create Safer Communities?

A local coalition is training Oakland’s brick-and-mortar employees in everything from de-escalation tactics to emergency medical care.

Cafe patrons sitting at outdoor tables beneath an awning

In Berlin, This Coffee Shop Is a Microcosm of the Changing City

The iconic Café Kranzler got a makeover. Now, the coffeehouse illustrates the schism in a city caught somewhere amid historic and hip.

The de Moyas with El Jude. Clockwise from left: Pacho (in green shirt), Mario, Mario Jr., and Eduardo (seated).

Your Raves Have Nothing on Colombia's 'Picós'

Once frowned on by authorities, dance parties centered on thumping sound systems are slowly going mainstream.

Planes stream above Paris's Place de L'Étoile in celebration of Bastille Day

Donald Trump's Grasp of French History, Urban Planning Is Limited

However, he's not completely wrong about Napoleon.

What's Inside a Neighborhood in a Box?

On the outskirts of New York City, a new housing model aimed at Millennials asks: What is city living?

Lab Report: NYC's Aggressive Plan to Enforce Diversity in the Arts

A morning roundup of the day’s news:

A Lawyer’s Playbook to Fight State Preemption

How can blue cities fight back against red states? Here are four lines of defense.  

Let's All Swim in the Once-Filthy Canals of Paris

Unlike many cities, the French capital has made good on its promise to re-open urban waterways to bathers. How did they do it?  

Say Goodbye to Spain's Glorious Three-Hour Lunch Break

Catalonia plans to shorten work hours—but don’t call it the end of the siesta.

Neon signs reading "blues," "blood," and "bruise" are crowded in a narrow gallery

Painting St. Louis Black and Blue

A new exhibition, curated by the artist Glenn Ligon, interrogates the various meanings of the colors, from solemnity to racial justice.

Lab Report: How States Are Besting Cities on Minimum Wage

A morning roundup of the day’s news.