The man ventured into the eviscerated fuselage to retrieve a wounded woman after Saturday's accident at Vnukovo Airport, which killed five crew members.

By now you've probably seen the petrifying footage of an airplane crashing into a highway on Saturday, near Moscow. If you haven't, here's a dashcam view of the accident at Vnukovo Airport, which killed five crew members:

Horrible. If you're wondering what happened after that calamitous moment in time – which may or may not have resulted from pilot error – the world now has the answer, courtesy of a motorist who leaped into the fray to assist stricken passengers.

Russian media broadcasted the driver's journey through the wreckage of the aircraft, which was torn into three pieces from the impact – one of which was on fire at the time. Disregarding the possibility of a fuel-based explosion, the man and others helped move a wounded woman from inside the fuselage to the highway where paramedics could treat her. No medics were on the scene, however, so there's an awful period of waiting for the ambulances that seems to last forever.

In an interview with RT, the clearly shaken motorist guesses that the woman he helped did not make it through the ordeal alive. (One flight attendant died later at the hospital, though it's uncertain if this was her in the video.) Please note that the below footage contains blood and disturbing scenes; don't watch it if such things make you uncomfortable.

This is the interview the driver conducted with RT. Again, the video contains accident footage some may find troubling:

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