You may be more likely to spot a potential mate at a Walmart in a whopping 15 states.


Where are you most likely to catch the eye of Mr. Right-to-be, only to have him snatched away, cruelly, before you can,

If this fascinating little map is to be believed, it depends a lot on where you live. Psychology Today compiled a chart of the most common locations mentioned in Craigslist Missed Connections. They then mapped it out by state.

A couple of things stick out: Californians must look a whole lot sexier than I do in work-out attire, because their number one Missed Connection word is "24-hour fitness." ("Gym" is also the missed connection location of choice for Virginians).

The check-out line at Walmart is apparently a sultry spot for Texans, Floridians, Montanans, Idahonians, and assorted other states. In fact, Walmart shows up 15 times on this map, more than any other single location. Supermarket comes in second, the top choice for 7 states (8 if you count Stop & Shop in that tally).

Public transit meet cutes (bus, train, subway, and Metro) account for a measly six states. Mysteriously, in Indiana, missed connections seem to happen most often "at home." Take from that what you will.

The whole map is a fascinating little thing. Take a peek here, and h/t to Buzzfeed for bringing this to our attention.

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