Just what kind of weird stuff did those cameras pick up? 

Earlier this year Google and Visit Florida, the state's tourism agency, recruited four men to walk 825 miles of Florida's coastline while wearing 45-pound backpacks equipped with 15-lens camera towers. After four months of walking, the four men—four saints, really—finished their journey Wednesday night at South Pointe Park in Miami Beach.

The men told the Miami Herald that they had an OK time, but are mostly happy that the job is done. The packs were heavy, the weather was hot, the walks were long, and the nude beaches, of which Florida has quite a few, were a huge disappointment: 

It was those nude beaches that took the greatest toll on the four trekkers, at least in terms of shattered illusions. “It was pretty hot and pretty hard going when we started in August,” Mongiovi said. “And some of the guys, I think, were keeping themselves going with the idea that, hey, soon we’ll pass through some nude beaches.

“But when we reached the first one, one of the guys told me: ‘The dream died yesterday’… It turns out most of the people who hang out on nude beaches should probably keep their clothes on.”

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According to a recent Yelp review of nudist favorite Haulover Beach in Miami, "If you go, expect to see perverts masturbating right next to you and staring a hole through your girlfriend." No wonder those poor camera men are so thrilled to be done. 

What's the use in providing a Google Street View of the beach, anyway? Visit Florida imagines the film industry using it for location scouting, scientists using it for monitoring beach erosion, and frosty northerners using it to plan their vacations. Google Beach View (not its real name!) is expected be online in spring 2014. 

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