Naihan Li

An ideal gift for the architects in your life.

Beijing-based architect and designer Naihan Li has never been all that comfortable with the soaring towers of steel and glass that have quickly overtaken the rapidly urbanizing landscape of China. So at the Beijing Design Week in 2012, she introduced a novel, cathartic product: scale models, in candle wax, of some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world.

Now, you can buy your very own candle versions of these iconic structures, including 53 centimeter models of the Shanghai World Financial Center and the Taipei 101 tower. Bundshop, a store and agency for Chinese artists and designers, is selling individual candles online.

The price tag is hefty (running over $50), but the satisfaction -- and long life of each large candle -- may be worth it, Naihan told Bundshop. She explained, a bit intensely,  "I'm tired of modernity. I like watching these buildings burn and melt into artistic pieces. I light these for fun, I think I've burnt 20 sets just myself."

(h/t Gizmodo)

Images via Bundshop.

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