Monkey Business

Support your city's aerial future and splash some cute on your Sunday laundry.

Proposals for urban gondola projects are on the rise, and they're not as strictly whimsical as they might seem. Proponents for NYC's East River Skyway and Austin's "Wire" cite their relatively low cost, construction speed, and simplified land acquisition as selling points.

Perhaps you'd like to show support for your city's aerial future, too? OK, perhaps you'd just like an adorable way to manage your clothes drying accoutrements? We got you on this: The cute-peddlers at Monkey Business have a ready-made "Cabina" that hooks neatly onto any thin cable. Developed by Israeli designer Avichai Tadmor, it's intended for collecting clothespins on your laundry line, making hang-drying a bit easier. But it'd fly just as well as a pro-gondola statement. After all, plenty of big transit projects face a real uphill battle in public approval.   

Cabina peg holder, $19 at Monkey Business (via designboom).

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