This loft is full of retooled Ikea furniture. William Massey/flickr

The retailer is toying with the idea of hawking DIY upgrade kits.

If there’s one thing that budget-conscious DIYers love more than cheap furniture, it’s turning that cheap furniture into something that looks a little more customized and a tad less cheap.

IKEA lends itself perfectly to these kinds of makeovers: the affordable wares are sleek blank slates ripe for the tweaking. So it’s no wonder that bloggers—not to mention Pinterest addicts—go nuts for IKEA hacks.

These cats are not impressed with your DIY pet perch/scratching post handiwork. (

The Nordic retailer isn’t amused by the cottage industry of reimagining their minimalist goods. Last year, Gizmodo reported, they issued a cease and desist letter to a site devoted to IKEA makeovers. (The company later backtracked.)  


But it seems that the home goods giant might be warming to the idea. Gizmodo reported that the furniture company announced plans to release a “Hack Kit” during the recent IKEA Democratic Design Day at its headquarters in Sweden. The ambitious plan would also entail building a website devoted to all iterations of the brand’s “hackable” furniture. (Sound familiar?) Customers would select a piece, such as the FROSTA stool, above, and then buy a kit that contains all of the tools and add-ons necessary to transform it into something else—say, a chair.

Watch out, Pinterest: IKEA’s coming for you, and is poised to make bank.

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