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Why head out for a coffee run when you could snooze with a bunch of strangers?

Starting to feel a little foggy in the afternoon? Forgo another cup of coffee and grab a semi-private siesta.

That’s the premise of the “Sleeperie,” an installation that’s part of London’s Clerkenwell Design Week, Dezeen reports. It’s like a cafe for naps, Apartment Therapy noted. Instead of loading up on frothy lattes and little cookies, customers plop onto a hammock for ten minutes of delicious shut-eye.


The project, Hypnos: The Architecture of Sleep, is a collaboration between Sto Werkstatt and the firms HASSELL and Draisci Studio. It feels like a combination between a hostel and a dimly-lit yoga studio. And, like the latter, the pods are a tech-free zone—leave your gadgets at the door. Sleepy Londoners can drop by and doze off through June 30.

The rest of us probably can’t put a pillow on our desks and pass out for a few minutes. (Although a number of companies have introduced their own versions of sleep parlors, or “rejuvenation rooms,” for exhausted employees.) Grabbing a bit of shut eye can boost alertness and job performance, notes the National Sleep Foundation. Here’s how to get the most bang for your zzz’s:

Pick the right time. To beat the afternoon slump without disrupting your nighttime routine, squeeze in your nap sometime before, say, 4:00. Some experts also suggest guzzling caffeine right before your nap—it should kick in by the time you wake up, making you feel even more alert.

Set an alarm. 20 minutes seems to be the sweet spot. Snooze longer, and you risk disrupting a sleep cycle, leaving you even more zoned out than you were before.

Stay cool. The optimal napping temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

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