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The “portable” container is meant for folks who like to uproot themselves lightning-quick.

Some world travelers prefer to live out of a suitcase. For those who think that’s extreme, there’s this design for a portable Travelbox that can store all one’s worldly possessions, from table to bike to mattress.

“Portable” might be taking it a little far, as there’s no indication it has wheels, caterpillar tracks, or a team of swarthy musclemen to haul it around. Still, as a way of quickly placing your entire apartment onto a moving truck, it’s hard to beat the Travelbox. Made by Austria’s Juust Design, the wood-and-metal compartment folds and unfolds like a Transformers character based on a New York loft. Writes its designer:

To most, it seems implausible to explore new cities around the world and live comfortably with quality furniture on a tight budget. The Travelbox takes these two competing desires and suggests that they don’t need to be mutually exclusive. By consolidating our most essential furniture needsbed, table, chair, and storage—into one compact arrangement, the Travelbox offers its users the potential to accompany them in all of the diverse places where life may lead!

Why might you want to live like this? Well, aside from the benefits the Travelbox must hold for extremely regimented people, Juust asserts it saves you trouble of buying new stuff whenever you move—an “approach that is both expensive and environmentally wasteful.”

Juust Design


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